We are controlled by the emotion of fear. Fear of failure, rejection, unsuccessfulness, etc. can be the reason for you to oversee opportunities and second guess yourself. You lose energy in your life. But fear can also prove to be an influential factor for positive action if you recognize the correct way to leverage it. Fear is a powerful emotion and so can influence in both negative and positive manner. It does not matter what you are fearful of, risking the dive, opening a business, refusing a client or speaking at a podium, you can transform the fear into something positive.

Recognizing the Fear

The most horrible thing you can do is ignore your fear. Being in denial does not help you overcome it and it can be the reason you make regrettable decisions because you are not prepared to face the problem head-on. Learn to acknowledge the fear that exists and find its root cause and come up with solutions to overcome that fear. Bringing your anxiety completely into the view by writing it on a piece of paper or saying it out loud will initiatethe removal of the power of the fear. If you don’t take any action then the fear will always live in you.

Live in the present time

Fear is felt most of the time when you are wondering about the upcoming phase of your life, that is, the future. When you discover yourself planning an unknown future, you should stop right there and then. Unless there is some optimistic planning you aim to do, avoid thinking about the future. You cannot ruin your present based on the events you are not aware of as of now. Live in the present and make the most of it.


Be optimistic

Many a times your fears are due to your negative thoughts. Find something positive in it. There may be a positive message hidden somewhere in your fear. Try to look for it. You can also create something positive from it. Just change your thought process and everything will turn out to be amazing and beautiful.

Working on ways to overcome it

You have completely understood your source and cause of fear. It is time for you to now understand ways to overcome it. There is a solution to every problem. This way, there is a way out for every fear. You just have to look for it. No one can understand your fear better than you. Hence, there can be no one better than you to find ways to overcome it.

Fear can be paralyzing, but it is conceivable to make use of your advantages and transform it into a motivation factor. Fear is your enemy as well as your friend. It can guard you or weaken your capability to cope. It is alleged that in catastrophe we have a great chance for awakening. What is it that you require to awaken to? What is the feeling you pick. Is it fright or is it something inspiring like hope? It is your decision to make.