Has it ever happened to you that you’re bent on completing the assigned task, and all of a sudden something else comes up? You don’t judge how pressing the distraction is — you simply focus on it. 5 minutes, ten minutes. Generally it goes to over an hour.

While you get again to work you’ve no idea the place you left off or why you couldn’t get your mind and heart into it. You couldn’t keep centered at work anymore and are becoming less productive. There go your useful time and effort. There go your momentum and height of creativity.

Because there’s no way of ending your work while you pay heed to such distractions, there is even more need of finding some techniques and tricks to keep yourself alert and focused on work.

Here are few techniques to keep yourself glued to your work:

Do what you do best – inspiring and enjoyable

Any meaningful assignment or hobbies take a tremendous part of one’s focal point. Earlier than beginning something, ask yourself why you should do it. Don’t stick inside borders of “authorized” output; have your options opened for new, fun ideas. When you make something that you would be able to call your own, you’re more likely to keep occupied at work.

Choose a great chair-and-table combo

Many people find working physically tiring even if it’s done seated most of the time. Don’t lose valuable time and be preoccupied with discomfort. Get a really comfy chair with good back support; be sure your table or desk is well-structured as well. In this way you can work for strenuous hours without straining your body and mind.


Organize your work station

Try not to have too much stuff within arms’ reach or on top your desk as it can prove to be truly distracting. To stay better focused at work, only keep those things on top of your desk that you really need and in an organized manner. But have them close by so you can just grab a coffee or a drink without losing concentration on what you’re doing.


Keep work related stuff on your PC only

This is vital for people who use computers for work: Have shortcuts made on the desktop for all regularly used programs.


You can stack all the files related to one project in a single folder. Then make sure that your PC is always virus-free to save you the trouble of checks and repairs. Events such as these causes stress and will diminish your interest to finish the tasks.

Have enough water nearby

In order to stay healthy and mentally active drinking water is a must. It not only refreshes your mind but cools down the body temperature as well. Once you feel the first symptoms of tiring or hunger, a glass of water can replenish your body’s energy so that you can stay focused on what you were doing. It is therefore recommended that you keep a bottle and a glass on your desk.