Evan Clark William, born on March 31st 1972, presently the chairman and CEO of Twitter, is an American computer programmer and a well-known Internet Entrepreneur. He was born in Clarks, and brought up in a farm of the same, where he worked and provided a helping hand to his family. He studied at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, but did not complete his education there and became a dropout. He currently lives in San Franciso with his wife, Sara Williams and two kids. His working career started as an employee at various technology start-ups in Texas, Austin, Dallas .etc. Besides the paid jobs in the corporate sector, Evan also freelanced for big, successful and famous companies such as Intel and Hewlett Packed. In the latest half of his career, Evan has worked for Google for two years and is now presently working for Twitter.

Evan has the credits of founding many companies and online portals to enhance and simplify the work of people online. Along with the help of his friend, Evan founded ‘Pyra Labs’ which in turn came up with software and applications to simplify the task of project management. Later that, Evan launched the online blogging portal ‘Blogger’- a platform to create and manage weblogs, under the same company.  However, Blogger was later sold to Google, and so was ‘Pyra Labs’ in 2003. After quitting his job at Google in 2004, Evan became the co-founder of a podcasting portal called Odeo. He then founded Obvious Corporation to acquire all previous properties from Odeo’s former backers. Odeo was taken over by Sonic Mountain in 2007.

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In 2012, Evan founded Medium.com. Medium is another blogging and blog publishing platform that allows the publication of write-ups that have a length longer than 140 characters. The platform has evolved into a hybrid of non-professional contributions and professional, paid contributions. Medium has been well-received by most of the writers since it overcomes the restriction of number of characters, which is a standard trend in this industry.

Twitter was the most popular and successful amongst all the projects taken up by Evan. It was a part of the Obvious Corporations and was introduced to the public in April 2007, with Evan as the co-founder, board member and investor. Twitter, is an online unpaid, social networking websites that allows users to publish their thoughts to the world in posts of not more than 140 characters. These posts are called ‘tweets.’ The membership of Twitter has been made completely free for all the users. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Twitter was announced in 2013, after which it has been estimated that the company alone was worth between US$14 billion and US$20 billion. It is headquarted at San Fransico, California and has a revenue of US $ 1.4 billion as in (2014). It is available in many languages across the globe, and has as many as 302 active members as per the survey of May 2015.