Let it be an adventure or any piece of art, any experience is incomplete until you click it and keep a memory to cherish lifetime. And it would be even better if one can share their exciting stuff the world. Well Instagram is the lime-light for that only. Due to this popularity, nearly 2/3rd of the well-known brands are active on Instagram and post updates at least once a week. With its increasing popularity, everyone is turning towards this multimedia sharing platform to boost their business.

There are many celebrities on Instagram who are amongst the leading Instagram accounts with somewhere around 80 million users (Instagram itself). But as we all know that it is not possible for everyone to acquire that position, but few of them like Instagram, beyonce, kimkardashian, taylorswift, Justinbieber have managed to grab top 5 position.

Well which account is leading on Instagram depends on various aspects like numbers of followers, celebrities, brands, industry. Here is a list of those accounts who won the first position within their industry.


Fashion Industry: Oscar PR Girl (@oscarprgirl) grabbed the first place as far as fashion industry goes. Actually, it is a personal account where she posts the images that beautifully represents the brand of his employer. She posts images of new products and designs and create a unique content that makes her post very much attractive.

Media Industry: NPR (@npr) is the leading Instagram account in this sector. It is a social media brand that is popular for its forward-thinking. Its multifarious images display the latest news with emotional, entertaining and beautifully executed pictures.

Food and Beverage Industry: in this sector, Starbucks (@starbucks) holds the winner’s position. They post images to persuade you to step in their outlets. They manage to post consistently and keep them personal to maintain a friendly bond with their customers. With these posts, they update their followers about any upcoming event or any other seasonal favorites.

Consumer Brands: Sharpie (@sharpie) is at the winning position in the consumer brands. They post about the uses of sharpie’s products with humorous captions and hashtags. They always focus on making normal product look different and do commendable job of keeping the followers engaged and inspire creativity.

Online websites: In this sector, Mashable (@mashable) has achieved the first place as its posts explains its brands philosophy perfectly. The posts includes images that represent the top stories of tech, web designs, social media and sometimes behind the scene of Mashable’s office that make viewers feel much more connected.

Apart from all these top lists, there are also few popular accounts on Instagram that include names like Kylie Jenner, Kendal Jenner, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, etc.