Everyone might be familiar with this, “Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore”. Everyone has a past. It may be good, bad or even disastrous. But it is not wise to hold on to it. If your past was great, you cannot expect your present and future to be exactly like it.  Like the saying goes, “expectations lead to disappointment”. Be ready to face changes, since change is a mandatory part of our lives.

As for the bad and disastrous part, what is done is done, there is no travelling back in time and changing it, however, desperately we might want to. Your past can consist of anything dark or unimaginable, but as long as you are here in the present, alive and working, that is all that matters. Turn it into something positive like, “I have survived my lowest point, nothing worse can happen now”, “I have crossed the worse, bring it on life, I am ready now”. ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ is rightly said by singer Kelly Clarkson.

Nothing can be achieved by holding onto the past. It is like a chewing gum on the pavement, ugly and will not let you move forward. It will do nothing, but only pull you down and drown you into that very past. You need to move on and you can do that by first achieving closure. Closure is something that will help you attain peace within yourself and with others. The universe gives you several ways of attaining closure, it is upon you to grab that chance and make the most of it. Love yourself and make the best for yourself.

We cannot ignore the past. But we can overcome it. The past can leave us with scars and memories, but it is upon us to be strong and make the past as insignificant as possible in our lives. Let it not be our identity, let it be an experience from which we have learnt certain life lessons. Make your mind strong. A strong mind can take down a 250 pounds person. To be strong you do not need physical strength, it’s about the mental strength.


It is your job to get that strength and use it wisely and for yourself. No one can judge you, not even yourself, especially based on your past action or experiences. You have done something wrong? Do as many rights as it would take to reverse it. Someone has done something bad to you? There is Karma. Believe in the magic of Karma. Leave it up to the universe for each has its own Karma.

Get back up. Get going, for life is short to overthink. “You Only Live Once” is the rule you should live by. There is a fine and bright future ahead. Let go of the post and move forward. There are opportunities waiting for you to get them and achieve what you want. Make life one beautiful story, just like a fairy tale, with defeated villains and a victorious Hero that is YOU.  Leave the past and live in the present! Live Life!