The main objective of any SEO is to ensure the visibility of quality traffic volumes on any website. One of the most effective means of increasing traffic volumes on a site is getting a large number of high quality links directing to the particular website in the right context.

Website owners and SEO practitioners can embark on their own link-building campaign, however, it is primarily important to first get the right overall link-building strategy. There are various tactics that can guide one’s link-building strategy and help choose the perfect tactics to implement on the website in 2016.

  • Quality Criteria – Google is the main platform for SEO practitioners to look up to and clearly defines the quality criteria that is expected to be followed and the guidelines of what not to do. One must refrain from plagiarism and include their data and opinions. Recently, Google has started discouraging poor quality posts by writers and guests that add little or no value to the readers or have inauthentic content.
  • Syndicating Content – One can syndicate their content to various blogs and publishers, but avoid the same topics that are being covered on the owned website to avoid the risk of being labelled as content copycats. One should ensure the originality of their content with authorship markups and other means. The sites should not only be of good quality, but be relevant to the particular product/ service.


  • Doorway Sites –These are websites that drive traffic to particular websites that add no value to the user. Such websites use different keywords or search strings to link back to the original site even if the user clicks different links/ keywords on the site. This tactic is not looked upon well by Google.
  • Affiliate Programs –This involves affiliate sites linking the particular website with actual value to the user, thus increasing the site’s ranking. Affiliates should be linked to webpages that have high quality images and original content such as reviews. Comments and reviews from a trusted blogger on such sites recommending the product build authority. 
  • Different Link Building Tactics and Strategies –Building links help to obtain various useful inbound links. Some popular tactics include getting recommendations and testimonials from trusted individuals and websites, being active on social media to generate a social media status, become a guest blogger or known columnist on renowned industry blogs and websites, paid links, resource pages, translate existing content in simpler language, video submissions, competitions and giveaways.

Most SEO practitioners tend to follow their competitions so as to drive traffic volumes. An important point for brands to remember is that, the stronger one’s brand image is the lesser effort has to be put in to obtain higher quality and voluntary back links.

  • Natural Anchor Texts on Links Built –Natural links are imperative for SEO shence; there is a need to refrain from usage of cloaked URLs and keyword stuffing. Also, anchor texts on natural links have become increasingly crucial. This is because it marks the relevance on the site or webpage. One should ensure to not use keywords as anchors for every link one builds.