There are times when we feel that there is no absolute reason for us to exist in this world. That doesn’t mean we are suicidal, it just means we have no self-confidence and feel useless. Universe has created everything for a reason and with a purpose. Even the things, which seem insignificant, have a purpose in one way or the other. Like the trees are created for the supplement of oxygen and food for the living beings. Like the trees, we all have a purpose in our lives. We just need to find and be aware of those purposes.

A purpose should be something for ourselves, something that should inspire us to live a better life. A purpose for a person’s life could be the well-being of his family, success for himself or making a future he desires. Anything could be a purpose; the important thing is to have one. It gives direction to your life and the completion of the purpose will bring in satisfaction and happiness. Purpose can be different and a purpose cannot be judged based on its significance. Each and everyone’s purpose is important for them as it something personal and only concerning that one individual. Life without purpose is like living in a cave waiting for evolution. Don’t wait for evolution, be the evolution.


What do you want in life? What are your desires? What do you want to achieve? Answering such questions will help you with identifying your purpose in life. Achieving your purpose can be a long term practice or a short term. More than one purpose can define a person’s life in many ways. However, that does not mean it is mandatory to have several purpose to have a better life. No, having a better life should be the ultimate goal.

Achievement of purpose is upon us. How well do we strive for that. There is nothing sweeter than accomplishing something that you have worked for your whole life. Give yourself that sweet satisfaction that would raise you to a high pedestal in your own eyes.  Once you have gained your own approval, there is no stopping the world from respecting you.

For being successful, you need to be inspired and for that inspiration you first need a purpose. Living with purpose is like being a part of the world and creating something beautiful. Living with purpose will give you a reason to give up that feeling of being useless and lacking self-confidence. For starters, you could go for simple and easily achievable goals. This would help boost your self-worth and confidence. After that your purpose awaits you. Find it and go for it!

The world is your playroom. Go explore and be successful in what you aim for. You are your biggest inspiration and motivation. All you require is a purpose that would help you become something in your life. Being laid back is not an option. Get up and grab it. The world is at your feet!