Google+ is perhaps one of the social media platforms whose potential has not been fully exploited by many. The platform comes with a variety of social media services, which range from the ability to upload high-resolution photos to Hangouts. However, you need to make your presence perfect on Google+ for you to benefit from this range of social networking services. This article is meant to equip you with some of the most effective ways you can make your presence perfect on Google+.

Create captivating headlines for your content

In Google+, your content’s headline plays a significant role as it assists in search engine optimization. In order to come up with catchy headlines suitable to grab attention on Google+, you need to unleash your creativity and put in effort that is required and then some more during your concept development. A catchy headline acts as a bait to entice your target audience into reading the rest of the content.

Post high quality content

Let your effort not stop with creation of eye-catching headlines alone; instead, extend it to the whole content as well. From the kind of engagement that is generated by the audience in response to your different content posted, analyze and determine the one that works best then embark on it. High quality content will make your presence felt on Google+ as your audience will definitely come back for more. Since your followers will keep coming back for more, remember to update your account by posting new and fresh content on a regular basis.


Analyze the perfect time to post your content

The aim of posting content is to reach as many of your target audience as possible. To make your presence perfect on Google+ through properly timed posts, utilize the ‘timing+’ feature on your Google+. This feature goes through your earlier posts to show you which of the posts had the most engagement and from its analysis you can tell the best time to post your content.

Make effective use of Google+ communities

Google+ communities offer you a great opportunity to actively interact with individuals and active users of this platform. You need to make use of this opportunity to engage and build up relations with people in these communities, share with them your high quality content and let them circulate it to their respective circles and other platforms. Also, you can make your presence perfect on Google + by creating a Google+ community of your own in which you give your target audience and prospects an opportunity to link up with you; this will not only help bring them closer to you but also create lasting relationships with them. Make use of the “Events” tool on Google+ to send out invitation on events such as webinars, parties, work functions, etc.

Create links in your “About us” page

When people view your profile, they would most likely want to know more about you or your brand. Therefore, to meet this need, include links preferably in your “About us” page, which would lead them to the relevant pages on your website. To make your presence perfect on Google+ through links much effective, remember to use keywords as this will enhance search engine optimization of your pages.