FEAR: Forget everything and Run


Face Everything and Rise

Some people fear flying, other fear height, some insects and some speed. Whatever the case maybe, fear could be both healthy and it gives you an unpleasant feeling at the same time.  Fear is something that is created by your mind. It’s not real. There have been times when you learn or acquire fear. For example, when children see their parents or their friends fear a wild animal, they would eventually develop a fear for the wild animal.

You might not even have a proper justification for fear but it still exists. For example, I am afraid of lizards as they look very ugly and can be found anywhere be it the walls or the floor. One should always try overcoming this fear because you cannot live in anxiety and experience that unpleasant feeling every now and then. However, fear is different from phobia. Phobia is an anxiety disorder wherein the fear persists for a long time. It is an intense fear for something which in real poses no danger. For example, people have phobia for balloons.

We should not fear but we should embrace it. You might not always fear the object but the things attached to it might bring an unpleasant feeling. Fear simply hinders your growth in life. There are ways to overcome fear which are described as follows:

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  • Whenever you encounter an object that you fear, do not run away from it. Instead, keep calm and observe. Remind yourself that the object is harmless. By doing this, gradually, you would no longer fear that object.
  • Whenever you start feeling anxious, write it down in a journal. Write about the thoughts that come to your mind and what are you doing at that time. Once you know the situations that set you off, you know how to react or behave.
  • Courage does not come into play unless you have unless you have a fear to face down. By owning your feelings, you have taken control of the situation. Analyze your fear. Name it. How does your fear affect you? What triggers your fear?
  • Take control of your fear. Try gradual desensitization. Try exposing yourself to the fear in small doses until you gain a better understanding of it and the fear gradually disappears.
  • Be bold enough to face your fear; bold in a moral way. It means do what you just need to do. You must be brave to face your own
  • Change the way you think about fear. The same things we fear might also excite you and incite feelings of passion. Try to reframe your fear in a positive frame and acknowledge it. See your fear as a source of energy and it will help you overcome it.


Everything you want is on the other side of fear. If you live in the fear, you won’t be able to enjoy the present moment. Stop letting fear rule your life.