Troglodytes were the first businessmen of our civilization with animal carcass and crop yields for currency, and fledgling human language for communication. Today, the cave and the carcass have given way to paper wealth, while the latter has transformed into verbal and written communication through digital utilities. Technology has slithered into every business enterprise, from the upstart to the biggie!

The thriving business of the current age flourishes on the magnitude of its design dialogue with the consumer. We need flamboyant and shiny ‘web candies’ on cyberspace, proclaiming the past, present and future glory of our company,  ever-so regular reviews of achievements- both trivial and significant on web pages and ubiquitous economic blogs, etc. Technology has not only facilitated but also expedited this burgeoning demand for image makeover, management and maintenance.

Innumerable start-ups and consultancy firms have popped up onto the business canvass, which cater to the aforementioned needs of business establishments. These services incorporate everything from web page designing, web advertising to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their clients. A company portfolio is available at the click of your mouse button after which the customer’s verdict on its credibility depends hugely on the manner the firm profile speaks on its homepage.

Technology is an indispensable tool to stay competitive in the brutal race for talent acquisition and profit-manufacture. Human Resource (HR) recruitment to employee training and consumer workshops and interactions are software-dependent. Software and utilities have to be firm-specific and field-specific to not only satisfactorily run and sustain business but also promise a fruitful expansion of its services and portfolio.


One of the most important lifelines of any company is something termed as an Inventory Control System. This software keeps track of their stock notifying the staff responsible for any shortage in the near future. The Help desk software is updated at the advent of new inventory while the balance is deducted when something is sold from the same.The software is updated at the advent of new inventory while the balance is deducted when something is sold from the same.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software are also on the scene which keep an account of the history of orders issued by the customer, the calls made by the same and also any back-orders or technical mishaps that may have been caused due to product defects. Thus, technology assists a firm in maintaining and enhancing user-management interaction, thereby, building a larger and reliable customer base for the company.

The chief goal of any economic enterprise is profit that helps it spend more and more on customer satisfaction and quality- building. Thus, accounting soft wares are also available which are responsible for maintaining the revenue and expenditure records of the firm. These utilities spare the firm of any accounts glitches which may surface due to human errors or manual book- keeping.

Intra-company networking platforms are also in vogue nowadays due to the flexibility they offer in resource and data sharing within the company; they furnish a central database to store documents, reports, efficacy protocols, etc. Teleconferencing and video-conferencing are household ways of communication and meetings in every company. Inter-company interaction is also facilitated by the same.

Thus, we see that technology is as much at the heart of business as is money at the heart of the economy. Cutting ties with the perks offered by the digital renaissance would get us all back in a seemingly cave-dwelling age!