History is full of examples of people that left a significant impact on this world after their departure. Every individual had a certain role to play in his or her own field. They masterminded in what they believed was right and convinced the world that they were right. The list starts from Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and stretches into the present era of Bill gates and Steve Jobs. They all had personality traits that could convince others around them in a manner leaving them speechless and had no option but to follow and second them. A few of such personalities are being discussed in brief in this article:

–           Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)                    He brought the religion of Islam in true letter and spirits to the arb world with complete instructions. The best part was that he practiced the religion Islam in the way described in the Holy Quran and set examples for the Muslims to follow. Leaving no stone unturned, he gave the gift of Islam to the Muslims in the best possible format.

–           Albert Einstein                      A nerd in his school, Einstein was the genius of his time. He was a school dropout since his teachers thought that his questions were not normal and were irrelevant. But as we know, that he became the best physician of all times. He gave the general theory of relativity and became the most celebrated physician of all times. He also won the Noble Prize for Physics in 1921. His theory had far more consequences in the present times of modernization.

–           Mahatama Gandhi  Gandhi started his career as a lawyer. But he was born to do something big that will be celebrated for the times to come. He soon became part of the politics and started the movement for independence on his own. He not only won India his freedom, but also gave them the life the idea of free life vis-à-vis freedom. He was also a spiritual leader and guided the people in their worst state towards tranquility and finding peace.

–           Muhammed Ali Jinnah       He was the first Governor General of Pakistan. He, like Gandhi, started his career as a lawyer. But later he joined politics by becoming the part of All India Muslim League in 1906. He masterminded the Pakistan movement and ensured free home and country for Muslims of the subcontinent. He was a leader in true letter and spirit. Same was acknowledged in public by British rulers and Indian subordinates alike.


–           Bill Gates       Bill Gates is the genius of the modern era, as many put it this way. He single handedly revamped Apple Company and made it the biggest and most reliable electronic brand of the present times. His way of thinking and approaching to solve the problem were in true sense, completely out of the box.

All the above personalities have something in common. They believed in what was right and preached the same to their peers.