We all have a different definition of our dreams but, prosperity – it means the same to each and every one of us. Success is nothing, but achieving what we have set our minds to. We are born in this world to do something, to add value to our existence and attain success and prosperity. But acquiring prosperity is not easy and one has to venture far and wide in life. We can do it by participating in what we are supposed to do and aim at achieving the best.

Prosperity takes nothing more than hard work, determination, dedication, focus and patience. The combination of these five qualities will take us wherever we want to be. We have to know that prosperity is not biased. It won’t come to those who are rich or have better lives but, it will come to those who truly deserve it. The people who will strive day and night, who will give their best and stay motivated will get it irrespective of how rich or poor they are.


This is one of the best things about it. Prosperity is not judgmental. It is not even based on prejudice. It can belong to anyone who shows true determination for it. The important thing to know is that no matter what happens, no matter how much we lose or gain, that if we keep working hard and not lose focus, success will come our way despite all odds.

It takes guts to keep following our dreams even if things don’t go our way. We often lose hope when things take a turn for the worse and quit our path before even achieving our goals. Sometimes, we fail to realize that we can be the closest to our goal and we quit.

That’s the thing about prosperity, it doesn’t come easy. It doesn’t belong to quitters. It will come to those who ask for it but also who do their best and keep working for it. We have to keep believing in ourselves and be confident about who we are. We have to believe that we are worthy of anything that we dare to dream for and we will get it no matter what happens.

We shouldn’t let the problems, which are in our path stand in the way of success. We have to keep fighting it till we reach where we desire to be.

Prosperity belongs to everyone and everyone belongs to prosperity. There are no two ways about it. So, all we have to do is dare to dream and work towards it. It will come to those who are not only bold enough to ask for it and dream about it, but to the ones who keep up their dedication and will, who work for it all the time and never become hopeless. If we keep our will string enough to fight the problems that come our way, nothing will stop us from getting what we want in life.