As childish as it seems, revenge can be very dangerous. Some people have a mindset in which they believe that revenge is the only way of attaining peace when we have been hurt or cheated upon. However, that is not completely true. We often get the feeling to avenge someone when we have been deeply hurt. The hatred that we feel inside us, the pain, and the treacherous heartbreak sometimes leads us into believing that revenge is going to solve all of our bad feelings that were the outcome of such hatred. We feel that it is going to bring us peace when in fact; it brings us nothing, but shame.

If we are hurt by someone and we retaliate by hurting that person in return, it doesn’t do us any good and it surely doesn’t do them any good either. We think that by taking our revenge, it might become easier for us to move on in life. But, in reality, we just keep dwelling on that topic and it leads us to an even bigger sense of sadness than what we’d usually expect.

Often the major reason why we even think to take revenge is that we don’t want to lose face. It is a very serious thing for some people. We try to avenge thinking it might get us the love and respect that we lost through the journey of hatred. We become less forgiving and that takes us from being an innocent, hurt person to an almost cruel one.


We might think that revenging will bring us back everything that we have lost, but we forget to take into consideration the feeling that follows it – the guilt, the shame, and the sadness.

However, it is very important to realize that hurting someone the same way that we got hurt, is not going to get us anywhere in life. Forgiving them, might. That is why, it is necessary that people realize that revenge should not be questioned of whether it is good or bad. Because it can never be good. We think it will bring us closure, but it might not. Even if it does, it brings the closure at a price – the price of our self-dignity and the goodness that we had inside of us.

If we learn to forgive people instead of hurting them back in return, we will not only help ourselves in being happy, but we may also be able to teach that person a lesson in forgiving and letting go. We can simply make this world an inch better place by forgiving the people that have hurt us.

It is natural to be angry, to be sad and to be hurt, but we should only try to get even with that person if it is going to make us feel better for the rest of our lives, which in most cases is not possible. Taking revenge may seem like the only option, but in reality it is just the easier option. Hence, most people tend to take it.

Forgiving someone is difficult, but once we do it, we can see how that makes us a better person and as Oscar Wilde once quoted, ‘Always forgive your ermines, nothing annoys them so much.