Sir Richard Branson is a British Businessmen who is popularly known for his company Virgin groups which consists of a whopping 400 companies. He was born in London in the year 1950 and in his early childhood he suffered from dyslexia. He was an underperformer as a student.

Branson started his career as a businessman at an early age of 16 years. His first venture was a magazine known as Student. He interviewed prominent personalities around the globe. The magazine was a huge success and it gave the initial momentum to Branson’s career which he carries till date. After the success of his magazine, he started a record store in London for selling of records. However he faced some legal battle in connection to unpaid taxes where he finally agreed to pay tax and fine. It was in the year 1972 that Branson launched his own record store Virgin records and bought a recording studio. Many prominent artists recorded their music albums in this studio. Branson had the Midas touch, whatever he touched turned gold. The Virgin store released several chartbusters and top selling albums of its time. It opened the pathway for new artists who entered the industry and tasted success. Virgin records had booming collection and it reached its zenith.

The Virgin group comprises of several companies like Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Blue etc. Branson is regarded as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and he also lists in the Forbes list being the ninth richest man of the world. Branson likes challenges. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur he has a personal desire to break world records. In one of his adventure he has attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the Virgin Atlantic Challenger which led to boat capsizing and rescue operations were performed which made headlines and Branson was severely criticised for such an operation. However again he adventured with Virgin Atlantic Challenger 2 and successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean beating the world record by two hours. He even crossed the Pacific Ocean in the air balloon with a record breaking 245 miles per hour.


Branson shows interest in different fields. He has starred in several television shows and also been a part of a reality show. He was a front-runner in giving interviews to BBC for their morning edition. He has even shown his acting skills in few movies.

Richard Branson is a philanthropist and has been a part of several projects to solve difficult issues. He has sponsored to help and find exploited and missing children, donated huge funds to charitable institutions, actively participated to resolve global warming issues. Also he is the founder of Branson School of entrepreneurship in South Africa.

To conclude, Sir Richard Branson can be summarised as a successful entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a fun loving adventurous human being. Overall he is a one man army. He is blessed with the instincts of entrepreneurship and a beauty of heart which makes him distinct from other entrepreneurs. He is a fore-runner in the field of entrepreneurship and a true legend.