As everyone is getting addicted to Instagram, it is not surprising that it has become first priority for private users as well as the brands. Nearly 40% of the world’s leading brands have chosen this platform and exhibited company culture, connected with their fans to build the reputation of their company. Every sector is getting active on Instagram right from Fashion Industry to food and beverages sector.

One can use Instagram for any purpose, but the results depend on how you use it; in a good way, in a bad way or in a clever way. If used wisely, it can be a good opportunity for your business growthand can be a good way of market penetration. Instead of using thousands of words for your product, a simple image or a video is sufficient to describe it. Statistics show that it can give you 25% more involvement of the viewers as compared to other social platforms.

Instagram has roughly 200 million active users and it gives you a wider scope of targeting audience for your business. You can attract more customers by giving them window shopping platform via Instagram. You can post the images of your products with relevant data (like price, attributes, etc.) as captions. It will ease your work and enables the costumer to compare between their selected options. Apart from that, you can also share short videos of the product: a short manual for your product! This can be very persuasive for the customers and for the also the ones who already own the product and are unaware of that particular attribute.


You can give your business a personal touch by uploading your pictures and even of your employees. You can also post the pictures of any event, which has taken place in your company, like annual meets, dealer meets, and other corporate events. With this, your customer feels more connected to your brand and persuades them to buy your product. In short, it will lead to a long term bond with the customers and will be helpful for your business growth.

Apart from all these guidelines to run your business on Instagram, there are certain techniques that will help you to attract more followers and ultimately generate revenues:-

  • Make correct use of Hashtags to target your audience. Some of the top hashtags on Instagram are #love, #instagood, #follow, #photooftheday, #picoftheday, etc. try to use the combination of these hashtags along with your product. This will direct more audience towards your post.
  • Make use of proper filters. Few photo filters are that are commonly used by the users. Try to adjust your post accordingly.
  • There is a right day and time for posting. For example, if there is any special occasion nearby, then save your special offers and discounts on products to be declared on that day.
  • You can also play with a trick of stealing the followers of your competitor. Try to engage them with your posts. You can do that following the, liking their posts or by commenting on that.