We have often heard the famous quote, ’Hard work is the key to success’ and it has been set to our minds from ever since we can imagine. But, through personal experiences, everyone has an idea that that quote is in fact, true. Nothing brings success like working hard for anything that we wish to achieve.

We have to keep the following principles in mind while chasing our dreams:

  • Hard work:
    If we keep working hard towards the thing that we want in life, nothing can stop us from achieving it. It may take time but, hard work will get us where we want to be as it always pays off. If we put our best and all our energy into things, the end result will always be satisfactory.
  • Dedication:
    We have to dedicate to our dreams. We can’t just plan our dreams and then, leave them hanging in the middle. We have to keep chasing it till we achieve it. Our determination and dedication defines how much we want to reach closer to our goals in life
  • Focus:
    We should never lose sight of what we want in life. We have to stay focused and not get distracted or influenced by any other factors in life because that will just push our dreams further away. If we are focused on achieving our dreams, we can get what we want just the way we want it.
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  • Action:
    Our Dedication should be backed by actions. We can’t just pray for good things to happen and sit around idly. We have to get things done and keep working hard in order to get what we want. Because yes, devotion is important but, it is nothing if it comes without hard work and actions.
  • Positive Attribute:
    We should never get affected by any negativity around us. E.g. “I’m too old or not rich enough or good enough.” Getting these ideas in our head is a waste of time. We have to know that we are enough and that nothing can stop a positive person from achieving anything they want if they have a strong desire to succeed.
  • Power of a dream:

Dreams are powerful. If we set our vision to something, no matter how many distractions come our way, we will always find a way to achieve our goals. We have to open ourselves up to creative thinking and imagination. We must have the courage to dream of a world we want to see ourselves in. We have to answer the true calling of our life and allow ourselves the freedom to do things necessary to make that vision a reality.

  • Believe in God:
    We can’t just leave everything to Him, but yes, there is an extent to which we can rely on Him as well. We have to understand that He will help us only if we show Him that we deserve His help. We have to keep working hard and never give up on our dreams.