The only thing that separates any one from anyone else is opportunity. Some people succeed and others don’t. This happens not because someone is less capable than the other, but only because they lack either the dedication or the capability to grab the opportunity.

People are often seen crying over having lack of opportunities, but that is not true. If you want an opportunity, you get an opportunity. It always comes to those who are looking for it. You just have to knock on the door and it will be opened for you.

If you want to do something in life, you should garb the opportunity that comes your way. Because there will always be a chance to do something if you put your focus and effort to it. If you lose one opportunity, the next will come to you. So, don’t waste your time over what you have lost, in fact you should seek for what is going to come next.

There is a very famous saying that goes – “God always presents two doors in front of us, one that is opened and the other that is closed. But, often we are so busy looking at the door that is closed that we forget to notice that there is another door that he has opened for us.” This shows that because of our lack of flexibility and openness, we lose the good things that are present in front of us.


Opportunity is a blink-and-miss thing. If you waste your time sulking over what you have lost, you will never be able to do better things in life. The only way to go ahead is to grab the opportunities and you will never be left out in the race of life. You may or may not succeed because that depends on your dedication and hard work. But have a chance for which you have to work hard regardless of the consequences. You have to take advantage of whatever opportunity life displays in front of you.

You have to let go of what has happened and focus on what is coming your way. Go by the motto, ‘Where there is a will, there is way’ and constantly look for new paths that will bring in a new set of opportunities. There will always exist an opportunity for the ones who really want to do something constructive in life. But if you just sit there hopeless, nothing will come your way.

You, yourself need to be positive in order for opportunities to come your way. If you wait for things to happen on its own, chances are it might take ages or worse, it might never happen. So, you have to be optimistic and willing to do things in life. You have to make things happen for yourself. As we all know what we seek, seeks us. Hence, you should never stop looking for opportunities, let go the ones that were lost, grab the ones that come your way, give your best in whatever we do and always maintain a positive attitude in life.