Becoming successful in life is easy once you figure out what you want to do and how you want to do. But one of the hurdles you can come across is finding out what your goals exactly are. More importantly, setting and pursing realistic goal is even more critical. But once you identify your goals, you can then focus on pursing and achieve it by dedicating your time and effort towards the goal. But, how do you set realistic goals? How to figure out what you are good at? These are the question that might trouble you, but understanding your goals is actually a simple process. The following points mentioned below will aid you in setting realistic goals for yourself:


  1. Make a list: The first step in keeping realistic goals is to write them down. You should write whatever it is that you want to achieve in life. Writing your goals is an important task as it acts like a reminder, which in turns pushes you to work harder for it. Try keeping it in front of you and don’t ever lose it. This will sub-consciously help you.
  2. One goal at a time: Don’t go overboard. Decide what you want for yourself, but don’t take up more than one goal at a time. This can be distracting and in the process of multi-tasking and focusing on too many things at once, you might end up focusing on nothing. Always set your mind on one goal, achieve it and then move on to the next one.
  3. Short term goals first: Yes, it is good to have future plans. But making short term plans are way better as they help you gain confidence once you achieve them. And once short term goals are achieved, you can then move on to longer term goals.
  4. Always be specific in what you want: No matter what goal you decide for yourself, always be specific. Mention clearly to yourself what you want in life and stay on that. Don’t be vague about your goals. Once you are clear on the goal, you will be able to decide the best course to achieve it.
  5. Keep a time limit: Whenever you set a goal, set a time limit with it. This will help you in measuring your progress and you won’t be wasting too much time unnecessarily. Setting a time frame will help you get an idea of how much time it takes for you to achieve it. This will keep you focused and challenged all the while.


Setting realistic goals is a tough job as you have to consider your skills and dedications. Once you set the right goals for yourself, success will just be a few steps away from you. So, always make sure that you are setting realistic goals for yourself that you are capable of fulfilling. Also, your goals should help you grow as a person, something that will push your limits and adds on to your experience.