People often do not set high goals for themselves for certain reasons. These reasons can be reasonable or totally unreasonable. Some of the reasons go like “it is not for me”, “it is just the beginning”, “it is out of my league” or “it is impossible”. We do not understand that even if we fail, we have somehow achieved something. We have achieved experience, wisdom, knowledge, etc. we learn from our mistakes and these mistakes encourage us to do better. Aiming for something higher in life will only help us in the future.

Shoot for the stars, but even if you miss it you are among the stars. Achieving or failing is not the primary point. The primary point is your determination and your actions for achieving your goal. A person cannot be judged for trying with all his will and yet not succeeding. Giving up may seem easier, but that ease is not satisfying. The hard work done for the goal is what creates a feeling of satisfaction and honour.


Higher your goal, higher is the efficiency to work on acquiring your goal. Never underestimate yourself while setting goals. Believe in yourself and have the “Go Get” attitude. Believing in yourself is the major feature you can have because if you do not believe in your own self you cannot achieve anything in life. Get that confidence within you and no one can stop you from reaching out to the stars.

It is always said that if you shoot for the stars you will end up somewhere great if not the stars. Never undermine your achievement. Achieving something is thousand times better than not even trying to achieve it. You do not want to live with the regret of not trying when you could have worked for it and earned your own respect if not others. Other will also, by default, respect your hard work, but first you need to gain your own respect as you are your greatest enemy.

Shooting for the stars does not mean overconfidence or proudness, it just means that you have faith within yourself and you trust your capabilities of touching the skies. Never let other let you down, for others might envy you for your high aspirations. However, never degrade anyone based on your success. Be humble.

What you wish for the most and work hard for it, the universe makes sure that you get what you deserve. If you are a student, employee, mother, lover, anything, always remember you can achieve anything you have set your eyes on if you walk on the right path. Nothing is impossible; delete that word from your life dictionary, do not let it bring you down. You are the hero in your life, in the end everyone is going to love and respect you. So shoot for the stars because you have to design the climax and like most of the movies, the climax consists of the victory of the hero. Go get your victory!