One of the best ways to attract your client is by sending informative and detailed content. Small businesses build their email list of subscribers and share details to prospect consumers so as to increase their clientele base. Building the email list is one of your top marketing goals of organizations, especially from a long term marketing effort perspective.

There are various key tactics that can help to build the business’ email list of subscribers. Some of the same are as stated below:

  • Who do you want to Attract / Target Market –The first step of every marketing activity is to plan who to attract and who is the right target audience for the product or service. 
  • Email Marketing Services – This facilitates two critical aspects namely, building a ready subscribed base from which subscribers can unsubscribe willingly if they wish; and building a trustworthy source from where emails are sent. People do not trust random sources of mails which often lack permissions. Various marketing services such as MailChimp have free service for up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails on monthly basis.
  • Visible Sign Up Forms –Sign up forms for subscription should be clearly visible at the top right or left sidebars. Separate links should preferably not be there for the form. WordPress provides samples of text widgets which can be created and used by others.


  • Sign-Up Form on Facebook Business Page – Social media has taken over digital marketing with Facebook as one of the most popular websites. One can add their sign up forms on the Facebook Business page and encourage people to like the page. 
  • Simple Forms – Forms should be simple and contain only the required details without making it too complicated. Unnecessary information should not be asked for. The language of the form should also be simple and easy to understand.
  • Don’t be Aggressive in Encouraging People to Sign-Up –Pop up forms have a high possibility of increasing the sign-up rates, but they come across too aggressive as if the same has been thrust upon visitors. One should understand and target the required audience and see if the methods adopted would help. 
  • Visible Privacy Policy – If personal information is collected of visitors at the website, privacy policies should be clearly visible so people are aware of what purpose the information may be used for. This helps to build trust and confidentiality amongst visitors. 
  • Past Email Newsletters – Past email newsletter should be visible or archived on the website so people may browse through the same and then decide on the subscriptions. Understanding the type of content can make new visitors more encouraged to subscribe.
  • Create Offers One Can’t Refuse – Having and understanding the target market helps to know the content that is needed to attract them. The attractive content encourages the audience to share their email addresses with you for future relationship building.

Building an email list from ground level allows it to be comprised of people who actually are interested in what the business has to offer and thereafter, share information, offers, news, events, etc.