Social Media Marketing is fast becoming the largest platform to advertise and expand business in. The competitions between restaurants are extremely fierce and require a lot of marketing and visibility in every possible way. Even though businesses, including restaurants, know that social media marketing has become the “it” thing, they just don’t know how to use it for their benefit. Adding your restaurant on a social media web page increases awareness amongst your clientele, and thus, helps more patrons enter your door.

A few tips while using social media tools for your restaurant:

  1. #FoodPorn

Foodie pictures have actually become a thing with the current generation, and almost every foodie dwells in it at least once. Hence, consider taking top-notch photos of your most mouthwatering dishes, and posting them on Instagram, facebook, Pinterest, etc. Give them the appropriate hashtags, and voila! Another bucket load of followers added to your list!

  1. Maintain a blog

Even though this might seem like a difficult job, maintaining a blog goes a long way in social media marketing. Hire a writer and tell him all about your business. Share blogs about funny stories regarding the restaurant, maybe even proposal pictures that took place, birthdays, etc. A blog becomes like the voice of a restaurant, and hence one could even add details about their employees to advertise the entire brand, and not just the food!


  1. Setting up a Google + account:

Google can never go unnoticed by anyone who wants to market almost anything! For a restaurant, this stands true as well. Whenever a potential customer searches for your restaurant, Google pulls data from your Google+ account as well. This would include pictures, reviews, and if you have been listed by Google Places, then even the location of your restaurant! Always ask your customer for feedbacks, be it negative or positive, and encourage a lot of check-ins.

  1. Running a contest:

Using contests on Facebook for creating awareness about your restaurant is actually a lot of fun, and gets people talking about your business as well. A contest could range from asking followers to share #foodporn pictures, or for recipes of their favorite dish, or something completely different but still a lot of fun! Contests become a huge reason why customers would live visit your facebook page, and finally, your restaurant.

  1. Timing Posts and tweets:

A great feature about twitter is that a tweet would show immediately on your customer’s feed. Hence, timing your feed is essential. Tweets should be timed during breakfast, lunch and dinner hours, with appropriate hashtags, and maybe even sleek pictures of special items available.

  1. Employee Appreciation:

Posting pictures of your staff working, or enjoying with the customers, can go a long way in promoting the image of your business as a cool, fun place to work in. You could tag your employees in images, appreciate them in a few lines, and even share details of the employee of the month. This would showcase your restaurant as one that gives importance to one and all.