We always presume that what we say affects others to a great extent. However, we forget that the greatest impact of our words in on us. We eat our own words. Words are wonderful and, when said in a proper manner, can be soothing, encouraging and peaceful. It is amazing how mere words can be life-changing for a lot of people. Words are the most powerful thing on Earth. By speaking the right words, we can build joyful relationships with people.However, we can ruin relationships easily by speaking the wrong words. Words, through their impact on us and people around us, can affect our mental, emotional and physical strength.

We give life to what we say and hence, we should try to avoid saying negative things that we often say very easily every time something goes wrong. We have to think before we speak because it affects a lot of people including ourselves.

No matter what is happening with you today, where you are and what you have to do, just make sure that you are positive. Whoever you talk to, make sure that the person is positive too and try to carry an atmosphere of positivity around you. Try to speak words that help you overcome your fears, give you the rush to do something good and make you feel better. You may not be as strong as you want to be, but by saying that you are strong, you make yourself a little stronger. It is all about our faith. You have to believe that there are better things waiting for you. But, keep saying the right words – the words that draw you a mental picture of health and happiness, love and safety, success and prosperity.


Don’t believe that the best has passed you; you have to keep believing that it is just around the corner and act like it. Don’t let the current situation keep you from your happy one. Speak the words aloud to yourself that make you better and not lower your morale. Try to appreciate yourself aloud and you will already start to see how these things can make you feel so much better than you were feeling until now.

Speak what you want in life, believe that you will get it and start acting like you have no doubts about it. By doing this, you will realize that you can receive any number of things you want so easily by just saying the right words and believing in them.

The right words pavethe way for self-respect and self-confidence. Whatever we say today, affects our tomorrow. In a way, we build our future with the words we speak in our present.

Do whatever you have to do to make sure you speak the right words. You have to leave a good impact with your speech, on the people than listen to you other than yourself. If you need to pause while you are speaking to say something right, then pause. But, make sure that once you resume, you are talking positively and affecting more people than you can imagine.