Confidence can be described as a hypothesis that a chosen course of action is best or most effective. Self confidence is having confidence in oneself. However sometimes such incident takes place which completely shakes us from inside and we lose our confidence. It leaves behind a scar on our mind and we start doubting our very own existence.

Here are a few strategies to get back your confidence:

  1. Believe in oneself

Always believe that you were born for a purpose. There might be adverse situation but do not give up. There may be situation in which you may lose your job but keep trying to find one. There may be many obstacles but do not surrender easily.


  1. Create small goals

This is important key in getting back one’s confidence. When something is completely shattered we cannot build it immediately. Therefore set small goals for yourself and try to achieve them. Each goal achieved will bring back the smile on your face.


  1. Do not sit idle

Try not to doubt your existence if something has gone wrong. Feel free to do things which you like. It may be listening to music, playing games, watching movies, singing, dancing, meeting friends, shopping etc. Develop new hobbies and interests for a mind change. Keep yourself occupied all the time with different activities. Do not sit idle and repent about the past.


  1. Never compare yourself with others

It creates more depression when we start comparing ourselves with others. In case you lose to someone, just remember a simple mantra: there is always a next time. Work hard and try achieving it rather than lamenting over it.


  1. Failures are a learning lesson

Failures are keys to success. Failures and success are two sides of a coin. Each individual in this world has tasted the sweetness of success and the bitterness of failure. Failures teach us lessons which last long and we become more confident and optimistic in our words and deeds than before.


  1. Know your strengths and weakness

Always remember learning doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore take some time for yourself, sit back and analyze your strengths and weakness. Build strategies to improve your weaknesses and embrace your strengths which will give you confidence.


  1. Take risks in life

It may sound strange but is an important factor as taking up new challenges is like trusting your abilities and preparing yourself for the unknown which gives you confidence and faith in yourself. Always take some amount of calculative risk in your life.


  1. Concentrate on appreciation

In today’s world, we meet different people and most of them talk negative things, criticize people, back biting etc. Always try to refrain yourself from these and concentrate on the appreciation which you receive in your day-to-day life. Appreciation, praise, accolades boosts up a person’s confidence level and motivates him to do the impossible. It is a big factor in restoring your confidence and making you feel good about yourself.