Stress is now an unavoidable part of our lives and we cannot fully evade it. But we can take measures to reduce it as it is harmful to our health and well-being. Not only does it cause severe physical and mental health issues, but it simply eats away our energy that could have been used for something more productive! Here are a few ways all of us can manage our stress effectively for a lighter, brighter and happier life.


  1. Meditate: meditation is a very soothing exercise that not only relaxes the mind, body and soul, but also helps us increase our focus and attention span which can be useful to us in our work and studies.
  2. Music: music is a powerful tool that transports one into an alternate universe and helps us escape reality for a while. Make a playlist of all your favourite tracks and store them in your phone, in a cd in your car, at home on your computer and just tune in anytime you feel overwhelmed or overburdened.
  3. Take a moment: whenever you feel like everything’s getting too much to take in, just stop. Breathe. Relax. Stand still or sit down. And take a moment just to be present in your reality. Analyse everything around you, where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with. Just breathe in the atmosphere and take a moment to realise and relax.
  4. Laugh aloud: when you laugh, the brain secretes chemicals that trick it to believe you’re actually happy. Whenever you feel like stress has overcome your being, just laugh your worries away!
  5. Acupressure: this is a great de-stressing technique. Our body has certain points which if massaged the right way can help us relax and detox. Acupressure is an age-old Asian technique that can really loosen those tightened muscles and let your body relax along with your mind.
  6. Decompress: hot water is a real healer. If you’re feeling too tied up, place a hot water bag on your back or neck, or simply dip your feet in hot water after a long tiring day. A nice hot water bath is also a very easy and effective way to de-stress.
  7. Plan ahead: when you plan your activities and form a schedule, you are not overburdened or cluttered. Therefore, plan ahead and reduce your last minute chores and worries
  8. Don’t procrastinate: the “there’s always time for this later” attitude can lead to a lot of last minute stress. Don’t put off any pending work. If a work has to be done today then finish it today, you’ll have new tasks at hand the next day. Simply finishing one task at a time, and doing the chores at their assigned time can help reduce a lot of stress in the future!
  9. Take a break: if you think that nothing is working, and you just need a breather, take a break and get away somewhere quiet and peaceful, or even fun and happening. Just choose a mini vacation destination and de-stress, you’ll be much more productive when you’re back.
  10. Be grateful: just be very thankful for this life, for the little things that make you happy, for you family and friends and just focus on the positivity around you. This will definitely cheer you up and make you count your blessings instead of your worries!