Link Building is dependent on the website or brand’s goals, market, size, type, industry and budget allocated to link marketing. There are various models that may work for one website and not for the other hence, it is imperative for link marketers to test and adapt to the different processes effectively which are goal-oriented.


Three of the popular tactical link building models, which one can use for their campaigns include:

  • Infiltration Model–In this model, one is expected infiltrate communities in the relevant industries of the linkers which may be forums, social media or blogs.

Once the required communities have been identified where other bloggers with substantial readership and traffic share ideas, a list is to be prepared.

Once the bloggers list with whom connections are to be made is prepared, one should build relationships with them so as to add significant value to the campaign which aims at the future content and target audience.

One can effectively participate in communicates so as to engage with linkers in the following ways:

  • Constructive comments on the linkers’ blogs and write guest posts;
  • Initiating conversations on social media;
  • Create content, interviews, reviews targeting the linkers.


readily. Once such relationships are established, connecting with influential and higher-ranked industry personalities becomes easier.

  • Content Asset Development Model–Content assets not only help to build links but also enhance the brand and website’s USP. This model involves re-purposing or creating brand new content that can attract potential linkers and users to the site.


Some of the common content assets used to promote websites and obtain links are:

  • E-Books – One may send emails to industry experts and bloggers for their feedback prior to launching any ebooks.
  • Repurposing Content –One can improve already available data with modes like slide presentations, infographics, etc which makes the linkable content more appealing to the audience.
  • Events –Organizing several offline events like conferences and seminars and online events like awards and contests can help in strengthening the brand’s presence.


Content assets are dependent on their promotions hence, their outreaches are vital to the link worthiness. Once the communication of the content launch is given to the prospects, tracking for links and social media visibility using link analyzing tools and brand monitoring should be done.


  • Content Acquisition and Distribution Model – This involves selecting and purchasing content from known industry bloggers instead of links. Various cost-effective means may be adopted such as:
  • Finding new bloggers in the required industries who are trying to create their brand with high quality content;
  • Offer content partnerships to such bloggers wherein exchange of exchange, the SEO and websites shall handle the distribution and outreach;
  • Distribute blogger content as guest posts to known industry blogs and news sites;
  • One can also acquire the client’s website’s contents and obtain ready natural links;
  • Monitor and track the progress of the published guest posts.