A happy atmosphere at work is very important in order to get anything done. The best way to create a good atmosphere is to ensure that there is good teamwork amongst the employees. A good manager knows that teamwork can make or break the organization.Hence, he or she strives to maintain and balance it. Here are a few reasons why teamwork is necessary:

  • Reduces the learning cycle

If you work alone, you will only learn what you have been learning from yourself. You reduce the amount of exposure and experience that you can gain from your peers. Teamwork helps you gain knowledge, experience anda better perspective towards your work.

  • Increases Accountability
    When you are working with the people that you like, respect or are influenced by, you try to give your best even during the tough times. This helps in increasing the accountability of your character.
  • Boosts Morale
    When you are not a part of a team, even the smallestamount of work will make you feel like a burden. Working in a team allows you to gain support and encouragement from your teammates and motivate you towards your common goal. This directly reflects in your productivity at work. This also helps multiply the amount of satisfaction achieved after achieving the common goals.
  • Motivation

Teamwork means motivation. No matter how difficult the task, you will get it done because you have someone to lean on and keep one another motivated.

  • Continuity
    When you work alone, you get bored and tired and, sometimes, leave the work hanging in the middle. Sometimes, you even take breaks which make you lose your sense of continuity and dedication to your work. However, when you are working in a team, you see everyone working around you which subconsciously makes you work as hard as them. None of us likes being left out and we do whatever it takes to fit in.
  • Belongingness
    Working in a team gives you a sense of belongingness. It makes you feel like you are a part of something and hencethe feeling of being lonely goes away.
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  • Promotes achievement
    When you achieve something alone, you are happy. However, when you achieve something as a team, you are happy along with your team. It may sound like a cliché but happiness multiplies when shared with others. So, every time you succeed in a task that you did as a team, the celebration will feel twice as good as compared to what you would have felt had you done the task alone.
  • Collective responsibility
    If you fail at a task given to you as a team, the responsibility of the failure is shared by every team member. Any emotion that is shared always feels better. So, even if you lose at a task that you did as a team, you will always have a sense of responsibility and sharing with one another. It is important to have that and you will realize that losing as a team is way better than losing alone. It drives away the loneliness that may come with it and gives you a sense of motivation to keep working harder.