A motivational thought can completely change your mindset too!


Why motivational thoughts?

Everyone in their life has sometimes come face to face with failure or a major setback, that has hampered your self-confidence and made it difficult (rather impossible as many may feel!) to achieve your goal. But, whatever state you are in; however difficult the obstacle – Motivation is the only thing that not only boosts your morale and self-confidence but inspires you to believe that you can achieve anything!

The famous inspirational book – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne was governed by the basic fundamental that “Thoughts become Things”. Those very three words is the underlying principle of the “Law of Attraction” which states that whatever our thoughts are, whatever we focus on becomes our reality.

The Secret also contains several anecdotes from readers who have applied the so-called Law Of Attraction in their daily lives. People who have read The Secret claim to have undergone sea-changes in their lives, with several tales of how they landed their dream jobs, or how they became rich over time. The book is filled with positivity, and persuades you to look at the brighter side of life. And yes, it also gives you tons of motivation to do the things you’ve set out to do.


Whether, you are a manager, a leader, a mentor, a superior or even an entrepreneur; you must understand that everything we think about matters us as well as the subordinates under us. If we are easily put down by the obstacles, depressed, worrisome, anxious the same shall be reflected in our work as well as in the work of our juniors. Motivation affects one’s morale as well as the zeal and the drive to push forward and harder.

Whereas, the more you think inspiring and motivational thoughts, the more you will believe in yourself and the more you will achieve success, achieve yours and your team’s goals and overcome your fears. You will bring about an atmosphere of healthy competition, encouragement and positivity making one actually believe that “I AM POSSIBLE”!


There are several ways to motivate yourself. You could start by reading some inspirational books (preferably autobiographies by renowned personalities), or watching movies that have inspired people to step out and act. Stop feeling negative about yourself, and get into the real world. You can always follow your dreams; all you need is a little more motivation.



Motivation means different things to each one. To one, money may be a motivation; whereas, to others appreciation and rewards may be a motivator. However, the best means of motivation is “self-motivation” which is primarily brought about by boosting your self-confidence and the best means of achieving it are thinking and believing in Motivational

Achieving one’s destiny is possible if one actually has the power to stand up and keep going. Always remember to believe in yourself and focus on your goals!