Do you know anyone who is not busy at any time? We wake up with a ‘to do list’ staring in our faces which is a mile long and we know that procrastination is only going to make things worse. So what do you do in such situations? You need to keep up your productivity to check off things from your lists. You can follow the ten most important points listed down here to make life easier.

#1 Write things down

Whatever it is that you have to do, just write it down somewhere. This frees your mind from the job of remembering what to do next. A simple pen and paper can be used to do this, not-so-tedious job that will make all the other tasks of yours smooth and easy.

#2 Get some head start

Before going to sleep, go over the next day’s plans. Get to know which appointment is important and cannot be missed in any way. Go over the plans over and over again in your head, and make yourself familiar with it so that you know it well and the next day you’ll be doing things more smoothly.


#3 Do the dreaded ones first

We all have those tasks that we dread and simply hate to do. Do those things first so that you do not have to be troubled with it again. Do those things first and then see how motivating it is for the rest of the day.

#4 Turn off the distractions

Turn off or eliminate any such thing that could prove to be a distraction in your working time. Things such as cell phones, laptops, kindles, ipods, or annoying siblings and so on.

#5 Take frequent breaks

All work and no play makes the brain dull and tired. There is a limit to the number of hours a person can work at a stretch. Take frequent breaks to give your mind some free time to relax and calm itself. Take a coffee break and reboot your mind.

#6 Batch Processes

If there are process that require emailing and calling people, group the tasks and complete them at the same go.

#7 Eat Breakfast

This one doesn’t need an explanation. If you’ve got the fuel in you, you’ll be able to run for a longer time with productively. A healthy man is a productive man.

#8 Get Exercise

As mentioned earlier, a healthy mind and body is the only way you’ll ever be able to be productive. Exercise regularly.

#9 Delegate

May seem to be different, but think about it. Some tasks you may not be good at or just don’t have the extra time to do, that can easily be done by a secretary, co-worker or maybe a family member. Give it to them for a smoother completion.

#10 Say No

There are some activities that just eat up your time and do you no good. So, the next time anyone invites to something not so important, say No to them.