LinkedIn is a great way to connect with companies and professionals from your field of work. And it is important that to connect with the right people, you project yourself in the right manner. Here are a few tips to boost your LinkedIn presence:

  1. Make your headline catchy and sufficiently informative. Those 120 characters are the first things noticed on your profile. Use exclusive keywords about yourself and make it eye catching as well as accurate about yourself.
  2. Update your profile picture regularly. Not like you would on Facebook, but keep it recent, professional and appealing. This is what helps people form an image about you. It should be a good one. Even before they read on, hear you talk and figure out how eloquent you are, they will see this picture. Make sure it creates the right impression for you.
  3. Do not make assumptions that your readers will know exactly what to do once they have visited and read your profile. Put in a link or document or a description so that they can visit your work and find out more about your products and services.
  4. Join a lot of groups. There are around two million people to connect from! Join different groups and meet new people who share new ideas and boost your relevancy and visibility.
  5. Make a compelling summary. People visit so many profiles on a daily basis. Your profile should stand out. Write your description in such a way that those visiting your profile want to have long and lasting relations in business with you. Make them want to trust you and talk to you and make them tell others about your business and profile as well.
  6. Keep connected with your current clientele. You don’t need elaborate messages or long chats. Just brief contact with your clients will keep them satisfied with your company and also keep you updated about their status, complaints and reviews
  7. The best time to post something on social media according to statistics is between 11 am to 3 pm on a workday. Post a status update during these hours. But keep it relevant. One a day is fine. Provide information that will be helpful to your clients. Or post updates for the new comers on your profile. This little effort will help you stay on top of your network.
  8. Download your data base from LinkedIn and save it with you. It is important that you have all that information stored safely with you offline as well. Your client lists, names, amounts, phone numbers, offices should all be present in your storage as well. Not only will this help keep a tab on things better but it also enhances your marketing technique outside of the LinkedIn page.
  9. Choose the one group in which most of your client base is active and make sure you get involved in it. Take part in the discussions actively and keep making your presence felt.