The notion about public speaking according to Jarod Kintz is the fact that most people are afraid of speaking in public and out of the remaining that aren’t, most of them don’t have anything original to offer. However the above quote also throws a flood of light on the need of a good speech and a good speaker. Public speaking is both an Art and Science. The art is delivering the speech and the science is capturing the audience mind.

Below are few tips for public speaking:-

  1. Appearance

There is a common saying that the first impression is often the final one. Hence the speaker who has to deliver the speech must be presentable. The speaker should be well groomed, well dressed and should create an impression on the audience. A well dressed speaker is always a treat to the eyes of the audience.


  1. Always be prepared

Being prepared is the symbol of perfection. This emphasizes on the speaker’s words and action. Before delivering a speech one should rehearse it properly. According to Stephen Keague, proper planning is necessary to prevent failure. Overall, one needs to practice and go through the speech thoroughly before delivering. We all know that “Practice makes a man perfect”.


  1. Captivate the audience

Put in forward the best line of the speech first to grab the attention of the audience and then go in detail to the rest of the subject. Back up your arguments, facts with interesting examples to capture the attention of the audience.


  1. Keep the session interactive

Even while delivering the speech, it is important to understand the audience mindset. Passive audience create boredom and lose interest easily. Hence in between the speech some questions may be put to the audience to make the session interactive. Active audience are key listeners. It has been rightly said by Winston S. Churchill that a good speech mustn’t be either too short or too long.

Public Speaker A businesswoman giving a speech to a crowd of people. The businesswoman & podium, crowd, and background are on separately labeled layers.

Public Speaker
A businesswoman giving a speech to a crowd of people. The businesswoman & podium, crowd, and background are on separately labeled layers.

  1. Research on target audience

Before delivering a speech, always do a little bit homework on the audience. It may include gender, literacy level, age group and so on.


  1. Keep it simple

The mantra of any successful public speaking is to keep it simple. Speech should captivate the heart of the listener. Too much use of flowery language should be avoided. Always try to support your speech with real life examples.



  1. Concluding note

The ending note of the speech is important as it shows gratitude to the audience. Concluding note must also be positive in nature irrespective of the topic so that the audience goes home with a positive outlook on the subject. Usually the speakers say “Thank you for your time and patience”.



  1. Questionnaire and feedback

After delivering the speech, questions must be put to the audience to encourage participation. Also time is given to the audience to ask questions to the speaker and the same is answered by him. Feedback is sought from the audience. Positive and negative feedback are welcomed.