Looking for tips to manage Instagram account? If yes, then kindly read on. Since its launch a few years back, Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms not only for friends and acquaintances to share photos and videos but also for businesses to promote their brands and reach customers. However, the full benefits of this social media platform that has formed an integral part of our day-to-day lives cannot be realized if one does not manage his or her Instagram account well. It’s my hope that you’ll find these tips to manage Instagram account of great help.

Plan your posts in advance

This is perhaps one of your most treasured tips to manage Instagram account. Your followers on Instagram expect you to be consistent. To ensure this, a constant calendar that incorporates Instagram is necessary. Spend a few minutes each day to go through your content calendar. If it is devoid of content, fill it with ideas you plan to post for the next few days or coming week; these might include photos/videos you already have or ones you intend to take. If your calendar is already packed up, then look at the content you plan to post next. Consider the captions and hashtags that would work best for the content and whether it would perform best when cross-posted to multiple platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, etc. or even encapsulated on your blog or site. It’s worthwhile to note that, the more value you attach to planning your content, the more you’ll save yourself the agony of thinking about details when the time for actual posting of the content comes.

Adhere to the schedule

As aforementioned, consistency is critical when it comes to maintaining followers on Instagram. Posting your content at a particular time on a regular basis will create a routine that will ensure your followers keep coming back. In addition, sticking to such a schedule will save you the time which you can utilize to create more meaningful content for your account.


Exploit Instagram’s intuitive features

Basically, Instagram involves editing and posting images. The number and quality of your followers on Instagram is dependent on how captivating your images appear to the viewers. Make use of Instagram’s preset filters, easy-to-use editing tools, tagging and social share features to constitute and share intriguing posts in a matter of minutes.

Make use of user generated content

By creating a branded hashtag and requesting your followers to contribute images to it, through this you can have a rich source of user generated content. This is one of the most helpful tips to manage Instagram account that can save you a great deal, especially when you’re finding it difficult to look for content due to commitments. This will not only help you share the workload, but also provide a steady stream of images to choose from and re-share with your followers.

Engage your followers

It is through engagement, which involves liking and commenting on Instagram posts that you’ll create new followers and expand your Instagram community. When people comment on or like your post, respond back by thanking them, answering their questions, etc.

A careful application of the above tips to manage Instagram account will not only help save your valuable time but also build up consistent followers on the platform.