Getting sufficient time to manage your social media accounts including Pinterest can be quite daunting. Having multiple social media profiles complicates the issue even further because each of the day-to-day activities required to make your online presence more meaningful and effective on each of the platforms can be quite labor-intensive. It’s for this very reason that you need to equip yourself with the most effective tips to manage Pinterest account which will not only save your time but also enhance your social media strategies. Here are some of the tips worth considering.

Respond to your followers’ comments

One of the ways to enhance your Pinterest presence is by responding to comments posted by your followers. It’s advisable to start by responding to comments shared from your website and those having your name mentioned. However, you need to limit the number of comments to between two and three because too many comments are likely to prompt Pinterest to suspend you from commenting temporarily.

Re-pin and like the pins

Re-pining a selection of pins is one of the helpful tips to manage Pinterest account that can help you reach a broader audience. As your Pinterest page continues to attract new followers, re-pinning that great pin gives them a chance to view it. Re-pinning also gives your followers who might not have seen the content when it was actually pinned.


Schedule your pins

If you want to reach your target followers at the most convenient time of the day, then scheduling is among the most effective tips to manage Pinterest account that is worth trying out. Generally, the most popular time spans of the day during which your pins are likely to get maximum exposure include before work hours, during lunch breaks and at evening after work. Scheduling also helps you control the amount of content posted to your audience, that is, it helps you to post content at a rate that will not be overwhelming to your Pinterest followers.

Limit the number of spam

In case you own a group board, you need to delete any spam and eliminate the spammers. The length of time you’ll take to achieve this will be determined by the number of group boards and contributors. Generally, the higher the number of group boards and contributors, the higher the number of spammers is likely to be and vice versa. Therefore, deleting spam and limiting the number of group boards and contributors is one of the sure shot ways to manage Pinterest account that you can use to contain those bothersome spammers on Pinterest.

Cross-promote your content from Pinterest

Considering the great role social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. continue to play in the robust and ever-dynamic online presence and strategies, it’s worthwhile to use your Pinterest account to cross-promote content to other social media. This is one of the tips to manage Pinterest account that can easily be achieved by creating a custom board showcasing your brand, pin images from your website, blog, Facebook, etc. then let each pin link back to the original source of content.