Do you feel your twitter presence isn’t intriguing enough? If yes, then what you might be lacking is appropriate tips to manage Twitter account. Managing your account effectively will not only lead to improve your presence on twitter but also enable you to have a better experience on this social media platform. This article is meant to equip you with tips to manage Twitter account in a more effective manner.

Schedule your tweets

Scheduling some of your tweets can help save not only your time, but your followers’ as well. Also, scheduling your tweets can be one way of creating consistency on Twitter, in that your followers shall know when to expect your tweets. However, before scheduling it’s important to analyze the best time to tweet, that is, when your content is likely to get the most engagement from your target followers.

Create and follow lists

This involves categorizing people together on Twitter.  You can opt to create the lists yourself or sign up to already existing lists of your interest that have been created by other users. To find a list of people on Twitter, open one’s profile, click “Lists” then select “Member of”, you’ll be able tp access the list the person is a member of. You can then add your lists of choice and start following the people in them. This is one of the effective tips to manage Twitter account that can help you follow and engage influential people in your area of interest.


Analyze your followers’ trend

Make use of Twitter’s analytical tool to monitor whether the number of your followers is going up or down. You need to do this on a regular basis as doing so can help you to determine whether your tweeting strategy is working or not, hence make adjustments where necessary.

Set up filters for your followers

As the number of followers on your Twitter account swells up, tracking every single tweet sent will gradually become difficult. You can contain the situation by setting up filters on your tweeter followers. Filtering tweets as “Most relevant”, “Most important”, etc. is among the most effective tips to manage Twitter account that can help save you a great deal of time and also give attention to those tweets that are most relevant to your interests.

Analyze your engagement

Make use of the analytic tools on Twitter to keep a track on the responses your tweet is receiving. . You need to find out whether or not your tweet is engaging people. Find out what they’re exactly doing with your tweets; re-tweeting, favoriting, etc.  It makes no sense to continue sending lots of tweets everyday to which no one responds; in such a case, tweaking your tweeting strategy may be necessary. Also, if you find out from the analytics that people are engaging more on some given content than others, then you need to do some adjustment on your tweeting and embark on what works best.

Just as it is with other social media platforms, effective management of Twitter account is crucial. I hope you’ve found the above mentioned tips on how to manage your Twitter account helpful.