Studies state millennials to be the most educated generation which has ever graced the face of the earth. We believe in exploring, expanding boundaries and making the unachievable achievable. With as much time as our ancestors, we are aiming to reach the sky and come back to earth in record time. In such case, management is an important part which comes in play.

How to strike a perfect balance between two or more when chaos strike? How to be productive without a trace of inefficiency? Good managerial skills often has an answer to questions such as these. The following aims to answer few such question:

  1. Plan

Always plan a task which threatens to strike you or which you desire to undertake at some point of time. Laying down a concrete plan often helps in the achieving a target efficiently and effectively.

  1. A day before deadline

While setting a deadline is always advisable, management gurus worldwide advice to set in mind a date before deadline. This would ensure the accomplishment of a task well before the date of its completion. In other words, efficiency in a shorter period of time is ensured by way of practicing this art.

  1. Undivided attention

Most fail to achieve their target and management is often blamed for the same due to ones divided attention. One can efficiently manage to be gain their goal by way of focusing on a set target. Undeterred and undivided are two important aspects which assures efficient management.

  1. Spare the tech route

While technology comes in handy at all times, it plays a leading role in the failure to achieve a target or goal. Technology often lures the mass into the trap of killing time in the name of entertainment. In order to achieve better management which would result in efficient acquisition of goals, one needs to sparsely use technology.

  1. Break and have fun

Effective management skills often takes everything into consideration. It is a perfect amount of work and play which contributes to efficiency. Learn to take short breaks between long hours of relentless work and give your mind a space to think and recover during these breathers.

  1. Allocate


Allocation speaks of fine managerial skills. It further ensures effective achievement of goal with optimum utilization of resources at hand. Delegate tasks towards the end of laying down a plan as this would ensure productivity.

  1. Time table

Time is an important ingredient. The amount dedicated for each task should be tracked and made a note of. This would help one to track their progress and cut down on inefficiency as well.

  1. Divide and rule

The most effective way of tackling a challenge is to break it into clusters and assign it to different reporting heads. This technique ensures the achievement of goals in an efficient manner with a minimal use of time, money and workforce.

  1. Treat

On achieving mini goals of a major goal, treat yourself and motivate.

  1. Have plan B

No plan is full-proof, knowledge of this should always persuade you to have a plan B at hand which can help you to gain your goal in case the existing plan comes crashing down.