Success is coveted by all. It marks a satisfying end to a race in which each one of us participates with an aspiration to win. But, winning is not for all and winning is not an easy task. Success comes to only those who work and wait for it, though this universal fact is known by all, but still curiosity to know a little more about success always persists.

Is there a formula to rub shoulders with success? Is there a potion which guarantees success in record time? The sight of a successful body often incites the desire to know the secret of their success within all of us. Some closely guarded secrets of success are:

  1. Mornings

An important part of one’s day, mornings are an important aspect of a successful individuals’ day. A planned morning is the sign of a man’s (or, woman’s) desire to succeed.

Start your day by greeting the rising sun and set a schedule before the day hits you with its troubles. Make a to-do list while letting a piping hot cup of coffee reactivate you mind and repeat positive words in your mind while engaged in this action. A planned morning would keep you motivated throughout the day.


  1. Persevere

Success has a slow and steady pace and can be attained only by those who persevere for it. A brief or half-hearted attempt at it has never treated a soul with the joy of being at its receiving end.

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  1. Set mini goals for a major goal

Successful people keep a track of their progress. Success is an eventual journey and therefore, one needs to set short-term goals in order to achieve the final goal.


  1. Invest your best

Success comes for a price and therefore, investment is a must. Making a wise investment in terms of money, strength, time and all ushers in success.


  1. Keep fit

One cannot strive for success with an ailing body and sluggish mind. Keep your body healthy and mind active to achieve your dreams.


  1. Balance

Learn to strike a balance between all aspects of life. Balance often translates into tranquility, an essential ingredient of success.



  1. Challenge

Every difficulty which meets you on your journey to success is to be treated as a challenge. Don’t let discouraging moments and difficult situation suck out your positivity. Take it up as a challenge to be tackled.


  1. Dress well at all times

A successful individual should look like one. Put your best front for the world to see while you tackle the devils which lay in wait to snatch your thunder.


  1. Time management

Time and tide waits for no one and one needs to plan work keeping in mind this variable factor which plays a decisive factor in one’s story of success.


  1. Steer clear of fear

Fear plays a negative role in one’s story of success and therefore, one needs to steer clear of it. Letting your mind entertain the thought of failure is an invitation to fear. Don’t fear failure; treat it as a stepping stone to success.


Always remember-appreciate your today, be motivated by your yesterday and look forward to a better tomorrow as success is just another story with its own set of highs and lows.