Persuasion is an art. Learning this art requires lot of practice. Anyone could throw in a list of big words for you to use in your content of discussion, speech, lecture, etc., but if you do not understand the reason for which you are saying them, you will not prove to be persuasive. Persuasion is all about the way you present your content, there are some valuable words and phrases you can make use of to help you convince people and make them understand your point of view. Persuasion is an important art to possess as it will help you life at every turn. Besides being a good speaker, you need to be persuasive. You need to make sure your message is reaching across and provokes the listeners to take action.

When you are trying to convince or persuade someone, you should know what you are putting forward, you have to convey your point to the audience. It is important to avoid starting your sentences with things like “I think” or “I guess”.  Such things sound as if you are unsure of you content yourself and in such a setting these words might make the audience unsure of your content as well. It would be better to go with phrases that sound promising like “I know”

Promising phrases like “I know” or “I can assure” could give your hearers the impression that you are highly experienced with such issues and contents.  These phrases convey the point of discussion that you have assembled information for. This gives the audience the confidence in you that you are the perfect source of information for the discussion and you are stating nothing but will become easy to persuade them once you gain their confidence.

“You” is a dominant word because it involves the audience you are addressing. Assure them that everything is about them. Make them the centre of the whole discussion. Make them the pivot point. By speaking to them in such a way you have made convinced them that they are individually involved. Accurate, Confident, Definitely, Absolutely, One-Hundred Per cent, Clearly, such words carry positivity and reliance to support your point.

There is the “charm of three,” which means you make use of three positive testimonials to back up your content and idea. A study claims that three is the perfect number when it used for persuasion as two is too less and four causes people to be doubtful.


Persuasion is a valuable device in the corporate world, the informative sector and in daily life.  Learning the technique of persuasion can lead you to new opportunities and bigger success. Remember to always be confident and use words and phrases that are promising and highly sophisticated. Being unsure and confused will not help you in any way. You audience is your theatre. Make them believe in you and keep them engaged. You are the hero and all eyes are on you. Make the most of it and use the power to make a change.