Yelp is an online business directory where people can find businesses of all genres with reviews. Reviews help customers or online users to get certified business as a result of their search and follow them for their requirements to be fulfilled. One thing peculiar with yelp is that reviews on Yelp are highly filtered and generally finding positive reviews on yelp is a tricky and difficult process.

Reviewing yelp policy in this regard may help. Yelp does not allow user of the company to post comments. This is defended by yelp in a way as they say that company will only ask happy consumers to post comments since they will be positive in nature. However, in this regard, Yelp’s algorithm comes into play. It is programmed to get the best comments in order of quality, reliability and user activity. It is also programmed to cater for fake comments.

In such a scenario, it is important to get yelp reviews since a study claims that 1 percent increase in yelp reviews will increase the revenue by 5-9 percent. Following are few tips to get positive yelp reviews:-


–           Ask your customers to check your business profile on yelp rather than asking them to place review on yelp. Minimal difference exist between the two but it is worth playing for.

–           Yelp offers its users with different badges that can be placed on your business website. This will lead to your yelp business profile once clicked. It also caters for the company’s reputation as they use the platform like yelp.

–           To make it more interesting, you can also put on Find us on yelp badge. This is also easily available or same can be ordered by using requisite form on yelp. This is inquisitive of your approach towards your business and its social media presence as well.

–           It is also helpful if you can designate an intro to yelp account in your email signature. Email signature is common with firms and businesses. Linking your signature to yelp account indeed speaks high of your interest in your company’s yelp profile.

–           Maintaining your business yelp profile will reap fruitful results. It is a constant competition of your business with other available on yelp. If your business qualifies for badge like “ People love us on Yelp”, then yelp’s founders personally mail you that badge that you can display on your yelp profile as well as the same link can be used on the main web platform of your business. The badge is accompanied by letter of commendation that is also allowed by yelp’s founder to be printed and hanged at a forefront location in your office for others to see it.

It is important to realize that yelp reviews is not the make or break phase of your business. It is just another presence of your business on social platforms. How serious you take it is your call and same will be observed by your consumers as well.