In this age of digital media, there are many different forums that provide people with information and images. Pinterest is a free website for collating images of things people can share regarding things for sale, things to do and also things to buy. The images available on Pinterest is called pins and these media content which includes both images and videos are sorted into personalized platforms which are categorized by users. One can call it a social bookmarking site which allows people to discover and share various ideas and thoughts. It is a site that has generated a fair amount of buzz due to the variety of content on it and its all the buzz right now. The new option to comment on pins has added to the appeal of the site making it more engaging and interactive.

So how is Pinterest different from other bookmarking sites? One important difference from sites like Digg and StumbleUpon is that the site is driven by visual bookmarks, there has to be an image involved in a pin. When you share an original pin on Pinterest, it is called a pin and sharing someone else’s image is a repin. Various boards or pinboards may be composed of multiple media content based on your category and how you wish to group things together. These pins can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter. The site was initially exclusive, wherein people could not join without an invite. The images are quite visually stunning which is one of the first things you notice about this site.


The CEO of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann calls the company an idea catalog rather than a social networking site which inspires people to go out and do that thing they have wanted to . The main page of Pinterest shows as a timeline recent or new posts in pages or pinboards that a user follows.  Users can also see what content is relevant to the type they usually look for or commonly pin by using the option wherein the site suggests content similar to the ones you pinned in the past. The home page of Pinterest is pretty uncomplicated, it essentially shows a profile picture with your username on the site. Beneath are four icons, which are showing you the number of pins you have on your various pinboards, the number of likes you have and like in instagram your followers and people you follow.

There are options to invite your friends on Face book and twitter and add them to your list, much like you do in instagram. You can also invite them from your phonebook when using the app on your phone or invite friends from twitter. The visual appeal of the site is what makes it highly addictive. This is also a great way to compile things that interest you, like the old scrapbooks we had as kids. You can find everything from tattoos, to DIY, to home redecoration to clothing. You can search for ideas and themes for your new home, discover new trends in fashion, find new designs and trends in shoes and accessories, discover interesting locations, food and drink and lots more. Creating boards is something that is easily mastered and you can learn as you go about how to get that perfect mix of general and specific in each of the boards you make.