As we are on the topic of gadgets, we cannot get away without mentioning mobile phones, but I guess you’ll agree that they are the most clichéd ones on the list. Why not take a look at gadgets from various other categories that can do wonders to your lifestyle? Below are listed a few miracles of technology that vow to make your life a lot easier and better.

What about the health industry? Are there any gadgets to help you monitor and also simultaneously improve your health? There is HocomoValedo, that is a pair of wearables to monitor your lower back pain and also to run you through exercises in order to help you improve it. Then there is, Pacif-I, a smart pacifier that helps you to keep track of your baby’s temperature, thus alerting you of his or her health. It is ahead in its race of pacifiers and is an extremely helpful device. An important aspect of health is exercise and Goji play is one such device that transforms your cardio workouts into gaming sessions, thus adding a much-needed element of fun to your gyming sessions. Now, coming to the diet part of it, we have SITU – a simple food scale that approximates the total amount of calories and nutrients in a given meal and therefore helping you chalk out your diet plan. Lastly, a good diet and exercise regimen should be rewarded with equally good sleep. And this is where Dreampad comes to light. It delivers calming vibrations and soothing music that only you can experience. This gadget is ideal for those who suffer from sleep-related problems. Another major breakthrough is Cefaly, an FDA approved device aimed at reducing migraines.

Next, there are a few trending gadgets that can be modified to be used for your and your loved ones’ security. There’s the LantronixZano that is a smartphone controlled quadcopter that can dodge obstacles in its way quite conveniently and monitor the immediate surroundings. Further, Netatmo Welcome makes use of facial recognition to keep track of whereabouts of people, especially children, at home.


As a bonus, I’d like to add a small list in dedication to the Sound industry. First, I’d like to mention Soundwall, which brings together a work of art and a wireless speaker. As ridiculous as it might sound, it leaves you craving for more once you have experienced it. Further, Devialet Phantom makes its way to one of the most beautiful sound gear in the world. And, No, I am not exaggerating. How can you possibly stay away from a gadget that promises “Heart Bass Implosion”? PonoPono Player also makes it to the list of high-resolution audio players.

Adding to the list are Polaroid Zip, that is a mobile printer, printing suitable sized images straight from the mobile or tablet; Fuel3D, a handheld point and shoot 3D scanner; Livescribe Echo Smartpen that allows you to record and take notes later on.