When a person achieves the goals he sets for himself; he is deemed to be a winner in his own eyes. Similarly, when he fulfills the goals that are set for him by others, then he is a winner in the eyes of others as well. Here an imperative question comes up, which is, how can one become a winner? This article attempts to elaborate what winners do to win, whether it is in life, in their jobs or their respective endeavors.

Are winners born or made

Winning is different for different people.  However, are winners born or are they made? Do winners arise from their mother’s womb or are they created by their habits and actions? Many people ask questions like “Can anyone be a winner or is it genetic? Is winning inbuilt in a person? Is it pre-determined that a person will win?” To all these questions, the only answer is winners are created, and they are not born.

What are the habits of winners?

  • Winners exercise self-control

Winners create different standards for themselves and do things that most common individuals will never attempt. They walk the extra mile to achieve their goal. Winners choose the most effective option while most would select the easiest option, when faced with a choice.

  • Winners show adaptability

Winners accept challenges and can adapt to changes easily. They cultivate habits that make them winners. They find out a way to cope up with the ever-changing and dynamic environment. When most would avoid chose to stay in their comfort zone, winners push their limits. Winners are ones who fall, rise again and keep walking on the path towards their goal.

  • Winners plan, prepare, organize, and research

As indicated above, winners are created by their habits and their attributes. A winner normally moves towards his target like a bird swooping in on his prey. They equip themselves with the information and equipment necessary to succeed at an endeavor.


  • Winners exhibit an exceptional attitude

We all are aware that there exists a correlation between attitude and outcome. Winners always exhibit a positive attitude when they are doing something. Winners surmount all kinds of obstacles to reach their goal.

  • Winners have mental and emotional toughness

Winners put up with all kinds of difficult situations all the time, but they keep their focus intact. While most others would likely curl up and rest on their laurels, winners strive to set new goals for themselves.

  • Winners are efficient

Winners do not waste time trying to change things that they cannot. Instead, he focuses on things that can be worked on and changed.

  • Winners display vision, clarity, and certainty

Winners invariably find out all their answers themselves. They are aware that it is only possible to win if they have clearly defined goals and objectives. Winners know what they want in life and know how to get it.

  • Winners are proactive

Winners do not procrastinate. They are action oriented and believe in getting things done with efficiency.