At least once in their lifetime, everyone asks themselves these questions, “Why does it always happen to me?” “Why me?” or “Why does it always have to be me?” There are times when people hit the low point in their lives more than once and there are people who have been the target of some things they did not ask for repetitively. At times like these such questions arise in people’s mind. It is very difficult to receive answers for such questions as these questions are generally directed towards the universe.

The universe has its own unique ways of answering questions which are not easy to decipher by people. Instead of waiting for that answer, people should find the solutions of their problems and overcome it. Man is the best helper for himself and others. With his own help he can overcome the greatest problems in his life with great ease.

Questioning is not the solution, helping yourself is. Help is provided by the universe in the form of friends and family or some other unexpected way. But questioning the universe is not going to help in any way. You may get the answer in some way at any time, but sitting and waiting for it is not sensible as it affects you and people around you and your loved ones.

Before questioning and making yourself the helpless victim, look at the world around you. There are people unfortunate than you, people with greater issues than you and several people dealing with things unimaginable. You should be thankful that you are surviving this problem and it should motivate you to do better in life for yourself and our loved ones. Such questions make you weak and vulnerable. You are not weak.


There are times when unfortunate things happen to you over and over again. You need to learn from those things and move forward in life. There may be no valid reason for it, but you have to make sure that you do not face that again and even if you do, you are ready to stand up to it.

There are times when people expect such a thing to happen and it actually happens. This is known as the “Law of Attraction”. The law of attraction states that if you keep thing about a certain thing or situation constantly knowingly or unknowingly, it tends to take place. So make sure that you are being positive leads to positive scenarios in our lives. It might be difficult but there is nothing wrong in having positive vibes.

Questioning the situation, people, universe or yourself is not going to help you in anyway. There is nothing you can do to rewind back into life. All you can do it change the situation by your actions and move forward leaving it behind in the past and creating a life you will cherish forever. Think about your betterment and success in life and raise above all the negatives and shine bright.