A business model is a system in which ideas, people, and products come together to generate revenue. Your business model isn’t your product, your people, your price, or your value propositions. It’s all of it, working together. Laying it all out can help you find opportunities for growth, discover what’s not working as it should, and strengthen your own understanding of just how your business works.

For several reasons, it’s very important to timely evaluate your business model in consultation with the other team members of the organization. The model should be as fun as it can along with generating revenue. Other than that, it’s important to not make an office a hub of work without any engaging and interactive activities, which can be stimulating for a fatigued employee.

An organization besides having its set of values should think of perks to an employee, which would boost his morale and will make work fun for him.  Besides that, greeting cards at the end of the month praising the employee’s performances, surprise gifts, and regular bonus makes work more motivating and fun. You can also establish a Table Tennis Table or Foosball in the office, so that when employees are bored of work, they can take a break, play for some time and get back to work with a fresh mind.

An organization needs to carefully assess its employee’s skills and passions and then assign jobs accordingly. This will help them to be more focused as they won’t be fatigued, since they’ll be working on what they like. Also, it’s important for the company to change employee’s designation time to time, place them into different divisions or promote them in the same division with a different or maybe higher level of job responsibility. This will lead to a variation in jobs, reducing the everyday monotony.

While realizing the organizational goals, it’s very important for an employer to understand and make sure that employee’s personal goals are satisfied. When personal goals are met, professional goals are met better. For instance, if an employee is going through a relationship crisis, it’s very important for an employer to understand him/her rather than scolding them, for say, not doing his work properly, and assist him towards a counseling session. This not only restores the employee’s faith in the organization, but he also works harder to deliver more than expected.


Another important factor is the ease and comfort level that employees share with their employers. An open relationship leads to more discussion, more ideas hence, an emergence of a fun model with great profitability.

Therefore, it’s important to blend work and fun in the workplace for higher and better productivity. A workplace with stringent laws leads to cribbing and unsatisfied employees. Whereas, a workplace that offers more flexibility have happy employees who work towards maximizing the overall revenues of the organization. It is of high importance now that organizations understand the importance of “Fun” in work and work towards cultivating the same in their workplace environment.