The world’s largest social networking website is arguably also the world’s most lucrative advertising platform. Billions of people access Facebook everyday, for simple things like checking their profiles and notifications, to seeing what their friends are doing. What they also see is advertisements that look like posts embedded onto their news feed and on the sides too.

Advertising on Facebook is not as easy as it looks. There are a few tricks to be kept in mind when you put up an ad on facebook. The main trick is to make your ad look catchy and appealing, and this goes for any form of advertising. The tricks are mentioned as follows:


  1. To create a facebook ad, you don’t really need a facebook page beforehand. Anyone can log on to Facebook and post an ad irrespective of whether they have a page or no. Though, it is always better if you have a well-structured and well-maintained facebook page, as this will further increase your chances of gaining hits on your page.
  2. The headline of your advertisement should be as catchy as it can get, because the title is the first thing seen on every ad. If you can’t get the headline right, you’ve already lost the ad game. The headline should be as crisp as possible.
  3. Use images liberally. More the images on the ad, higher the chances of you gaining business out of the ad. People love images. Make the most of it.
  4. Facebook ads have various target audience options. Make full use of this advantage. If you know your target group well, this should be an easy task for you.
  5. People can’t resist contests. Regularly host Facebook contests whenever you can. This will increase engagement and activity on your Facebook page and your website.
  6. If you have any video content, put it up on Facebook. Videos are visually appealing and people will connect with videos much better. Though Facebook has an option for uploading videos, YouTube is the better bet because of its plethora of options when it comes to video editing.
  7. Keep your Facebook ads concise. People don’t like reading long, mundane text that stretches on for a couple of pages. Keep your ad at about 100-200 words long.
  8. Upload a cover photo. This will make your page look better. Always check the resolution before uploading a cover photo.
  9. Facebook Insights is a powerful analytical tool where you can track the progress of your ad in terms of how many times your link has been clicked, and how many times your ad has been shared.
  10. Post frequently. Nobody likes an inactive page.
  11. Use hashtags. People looking for something specific will always use hashtags.
  12. Keep your page active by asking questions to fans. This will increase engagement.
  13. Keep some exclusive posts aside only for your Facebook fans.
  14. Use smart photo captions to enable more shares on photos.
  15. Host giveaways on your Facebook page to generate fan interest.
  16. Ask other people to help with your Facebook ads, so that you get a little more insight.
  17. Promote downloads for your mobile app if you have one.