Losing weight is no easy task and upholding a trim body is often quite challenging. Regaining the weight back is the worst thing that anyone who has just come out of a successful weight loss program would like to see. If you’ve just lost weight or the weight you have at the moment is just perfect for you and you’d not like to see the scale rise, then these 5 tips to keep your weight in control are meant for you. It really requires a strong sense of discipline, commitment, and adjustment in your lifestyle for you to keep your weight in control.

  1. Set goals, monitor, and acknowledge the progress

Goal setting should top the list of your 5 tips to keep your weight in control. Weight control can be achieved through establishment of standard healthy habits that will form an integral part of your new lifestyle. You need to set achievable weekly or monthly goals, work toward their achievement as you monitor your progress and reward the result once the goals are achieved.

  1. Exercise to reduce build-up of fats

Of the 5 tips to keep your weight in control, exercising is perhaps the least expensive yet the most effective in checking weight gain. Exercising helps burn excess fats known to contribute to weight gain. Exercising also helps the body to build up lean muscles known to have higher metabolism than fats. Therefore, make a point of incorporating workouts in your daily routine to help check your weight.


  1. Have enough sleep

Having enough sleep is important in maintaining the body’s normal appetite, hormone’s level, and eating schedule. Studies indicate that people who spend less than 7 hours a day sleeping are at a risk of becoming obese by 30 percent more compared to those who spend more than 9 hours a day sleeping. Therefore, you need to avoid things that can easily deprive you of sleep such as watching television till late night, extending unfinished work right into your bedroom, etc.; instead, let your bedroom be quiet, dark and conducive for quality sleep.

  1. Schedule for your meals

Sounds trivial out of the 5 tips, doesn’t it? It maybe, but wait until you’ve tried it out! You need to analyze your schedule all week long then from it come up with a schedule for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Scheduling for your meals and sticking to the schedule will help you be in check of your food intake and in-between meals.

  1. Include more of fiber-rich foods in your diet

A study once conducted by the University of Pittsburg involving some 284 women aged between 25 and 45 years showed that those whose diet had more of fiber-rich foods were able to control weight gain better than the others. Therefore, consider including more of fiber-rich foods such as fruits, whole grains, and vegetables in your diet for better weight control results.

It’s my hope that you’ve found these 5 tips to keep your weight in control helpful in your effort to check weight gain.