In case you love beer and meat, a diet that cuts the two effectively might appear misery. Nonetheless, low-purine diet will be of more help to you if you have been diagnosed with digestive, gout or kidney stones disorder.

Low-purine diet can also help you greatly if you are just looking for a way of avoiding SIbo and IBS such diagnosis when you visit your doctor.

Regardless of your reasons, below are the 7 tips for following low-purine diet:

  1. Have a clear understanding of what purine is

You need to be aware that purine by itself is not the problem. It is naturally produced in the body while it can also be found in some food stuffs. The problem comes in when purines breaks down into uric acid, forming into crystals. These crystals when deposited in your body joints are likely to cause inflammation and pain.

One third of uric acid generated from your body is due to purine breakdown you get from drinks and food. If you take much purine-heavy food, then your body is subjected to higher levels of uric acid which may result into disorders such as kidney stones and gout.

  1. Decide if you need low-purine diet

From recent research, a low-purine diet is advisable for those who have struggled with kidney stones and gout conditions. It also encourages taking food stuffs like vegetables and fruits in replacement of greasy meats. Therefore, low-purine diet is highly advisable even if you are not suffering from any disorder and simply want to have a healthier diet.


  1. Enjoy healthy meals without scary consequences

There are a vast range of foods you can take if you are following low-purine diet. Some of the healthy foods to take include pasta, brown bread, and cereals. Whole grains are particularly recommended in your diet. Other food stuffs on this menu may include coffee, nuts, coffee, cheese, yogurt milk, low-fat milk, potatoes, vegetables, and whole fruits.

  1. Take wine instead of beer

According to most recent research, beer is categorized under high-purine drink, which has direct connection with increased production of uric acid due to its yeast. The same study however revealed that wine has no effect on the amount of uric acid produced in the body. In fact, taking small amounts of wine may even have positive effects within your body system. Therefore, it is advisable that you take wine in your dinner parties instead of beer.

  1. Consider taking a break from sardines

Some of the high-purine foods you need to avoid include oatmeal, liver, dried beans and pears, bacon, anchovies and sardines among others. Vegetables with high-purine content are mushrooms, cauliflower, and spinach. However, research experts have found that these vegetables do not increase production of uric acid in the body like other foods.

  1. Take plenty of water daily

Uric acid penetrates through your body via urine. If you fail to take plenty of water daily, the uric acid in your body may build up becoming dangerous. It is therefore advisable that you take at least 8 glasses of water daily to regulate uric acid build up in your body.

  1. Have some little fun!

You should not drag yourself into taking low-purine diet. According to recent study, Mediterranean diets serves a great deal in lowering uric acid within your body. You can have fun by enjoying a delicious meal at Mediterranean restaurant or purchasing a Mediterranean cookbook.