No person is ever immune to adversity. It can happen any time to any of us.  But how a person reacts to it is what matters. On one hand, some people have the courage to fight and they emerge triumphant in doing so. But some become bitter with life and do not even try to overcome the hindrance. I remember my childhood days, when one of my cousins met an accident and got paralyzed. Even after taking treatments, visiting several doctors, she was unable to walk which made everyone in the family certain that she might never be able to overcome this adversity. But her strong will-power and determination lead to a slow process of rehabilitation and now she is perfectly fit.

She fell ten times, and got up the eleventh time. No matter when everyone had given up, she continued to have faith in herself and her abilities. The final result was that now she could dive from the highest diving- board, something none of us can do in the family. Today, she is happily married and a successful gynecologist.

Making changes in your life could be scary, especially when it takes a lot of will-power and persistence to overcome it. But if you are serious about overcoming it, you need to make the necessary changes to grow, develop and design the life you aspire for yourself and consider for that help.


Problems, pain and discomfort not meant to frighten us so that we give up on life. They help us strengthen ourselves and make our lives better. Change after an adversity is possible, if you try. It’s all depends on your vision and perspective of life. View your adversity as a learning experience and make better out of it.

The difficulties in life should be exploited to an extent that they become a blessing. In these adversities is the hidden infinite mercy of God. That is why successful people have always thanked God in their setbacks. Such people don’t question god but simply work according to his plans whilst accepting everything buy having the power to change something in accordance to what you wish to make out of your life.

Nobody in this world is immune to pain and suffering. Happiness is not defined by an absence of problems but having the ability to solve them. A problem-free life is a mere delusion.  Life is like a coin which has two facets, joy and sorrow.

Therefore, it is said, “Tough times never last but tough people do”.  People like Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln and Helen Keller are an inspiration, who had defeated the obstacles of life and became the legends of today.

We might not be able to control our destiny but we can tilt our attitude towards it. Positivity, courage and hope can help anyone sail through the darkest times of life. It is the spirit and willingness to fight that matters than a failure. Let’s change how we think about lost opportunities, inconveniences and trivial issues, because, though we might not know, it could be for the best to make our life better.