The ficklest race on the face of the Earth is the human race, due to which inventions and discoveries are an integral part of our daily lives. From the discovery of penicillin to the invention of television, our fickle nature has brought us a mighty long way. While one would envision us unwinding after scaling new heights, our highly motivated generation is building an empire on the inventions and discoveries of the days of yore.

The television is one such example. The tube has come a long way, from being a humble device to being a theatre in this day and age. Its journey from luxury to necessity is also noteworthy. But what makes it unique of all inventions is the active evolvement of its content.

A television is not limited to a device anymore; it now revolves around the content it telecasts. A generation spoilt for choice now desires to view content at its demand. And set-top boxes are falling short of satiating their ever growing hunger for content. Knowing this and identifying this persisting gap between content and its demand, Apple launched its first TV in 2006.

As the story of most invention goes, it did not stop at that, the Apple TV family ushered in the fourth generation earlier this month. The fourth generation TV is a mine of opportunities for buyers, ranging from an opportunity to play third-party games to an opportunity to pick a channel of choice from the app store dedicated to Apple TV.


Packed with supreme features like 2GB RAM, 1080p video 60 at fps and an A8 chip, the Apple TV has carved a niche for itself in the app driven TV market. Unlike the members from its previous generation, Apple TV now is accompanied by Siri. A remote control which conveniently functions as a gaming console also lets users talk to Siri through a dual microphone thoughtfully placed on the remote control.

Be it a romantic movie or a mundane documentary, a brief chat with Siri would ensure TV-watching a hands- free experience. Considering the action of swiping hardwired in our brains, the remote additionally flaunts a panel wherein one can swipe to browse the library. Paired with Bluetooth, user’s inability to aim the remote at the device would go unnoticed by their television.

The thickest of them all, the new Apple TV has an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi in store for its users. Housing a better hardware, the 32 GB and 64 GB variant has been a welcoming change from its measly 8GB variant in its last edition.

While the tech world is weighing its hardware specs, the end users are gearing up to enjoy the privilege of  being able to browse through numerous apps  all at once in the pursuit of content. The Universal search capabilities feature like the Apple Music first time on television has been well received by all.

All in all a compact device aiming to meet the trending needs of customers worldwide, the new Apple TV would be at your nearest store this October.