Apple is known as a leading company in the field of innovative modern technology. It has provided the world with new solutions and stuff that had made life easier and luxurious. We all are familiar with apple technology which is its iPhones, iPods players, iPad tablets, smart watches and Mac personal computers that are all upgraded from time to time. Apple is now aiming for new goals and products which are revealed in the recent event which was scheduled on September 9, 2015. This event took place in San Francisco at 6pm UK time.

Now the question was what apple was reluctant to introduce to the rest of the world. Well many clues and traces were leaked out before the event. Apple launched new iPhones i.e. iPhone 6s and 6s plus which are quite similar to its previous iPhones in shape but with some additions of course. Both the iPhones have been launched with meaningful updates like a faster processor to boost up the phone speed, a better camera unlike the previous ones with a selfie mode that will use screen as a flash and a 3D touch screen with advanced features enabling the user to create automatic pictures which can be converted to live ones by mixing the audio.


Next thing in the lineup is Giant iPad Pro. Well it has been upgraded to the current technology level too. It has a 12.9 inch screen and 6.9 mm thickness with four speakers accompanied with a ‘pencil’ stylus. It is similar to Microsoft Surface tablet. ‘Pencil’ stylus also known as Apple pencil is optional with this tab. Apple pencil has been improved in great possible ways which allows a new level of precision. The screen and display system has also been improved in this new iPad with a classic display with integrated sharp colors.

Apple also introduced a TV that will run applications and games with access to a Bluetooth remote, built in Siri and a remarkable touch pad. This new TV has a glass touch surface with a new feature which is the ‘Siri’ button. With the use of Siri button viewers can search anything by their own voices. A new processor has been fitted to enhance the speed. The new exciting remote has the capability to be used via Bluetooth with an array of sensors. Well everyone has to wait for this TV which is expected to be available this October.

The last thing that was displayed in this event was the Apple sport’s watch with leather bands. ‘Rose pink’ and ‘gold’ are the two shades in which the watch has been introduced. A third party can access and run apps on the watch which is its latest feature. The watch has an airstrip that will allow doctors to monitor their patients. An improved Siri feature, nightstand mode and a breathtaking Transit app are introduced in the new Apple watch. Oh and Apple is also working with some designers to create some new colorful bands so that the watch can be more appealing.