Emotions are an ever present factor in each individual’s life. Positive, negative, and everything in middle, we feel everything. You take up a job because you are excited about it, you won’t talk to your friend because she hurt your feelings or you might give up something for your loved one because you love them. Every action is because of the emotions that are brewing within you waiting to be expressed. Your emotions are an integral part of your life and the actions you take in your life. Though emotions is what ultimately makes a human being, it necessary to reign it in. But most of the time people land up being a slave to emotions. Therefore the question you need to ask is, are your emotions controlling you or are you controlling your emotions.

Emotions are a blend of positive and negative both and it so easy to indulge in the extremes this dangerous blend. You could be fuming with rage or indulge in the euphoria high. But both can be damaging. Positive emotions are more manageable than the negatives ones. Emotions when expressed in abundance can be harmful to you and to those around you. When rage, jealousy, or despair take control things could take a nasty turn in which along with you, your loved ones will suffer. Hence, moderation is the key to handle your emotions. You need to master handling your emotions and given below are pointers that might prove helpful.

Don’t react immediately: Emotions can take over in a blink of a moment, but reframe for reacting immediately. In situations like these, you are bound to say or do something that you will regret later. Before retaliating to whatever set you off, take a step back from the situation and then take a deep cleansing breath. Carry this on for a few minutes till your emotions are under your control.

Vent it out a healthy manner: Handling emotions can be overwhelming, which may lead to yet another outburst. To avoid this, many people opt to bottle up emotions, which only delay the outburst. Instead, vent out your emotions in a healthy manner. Meditating is an excellent option, but if you are someone who needs to act exercise is a great and healthy outlet of emotions.


Positive thinking: When negative emotions like rage, despair or even something as simple as sadness take control it creates a harmful effect. If a situation is pulling you in a negative zone of thinking then try and pull yourself away from such a situation. Confronting negative emotions is necessary, or else they have a way of growing stronger and ultimately taking control. Try and divert your mind to positive thoughts, recollect happy occasions and simple you way out of a bad situation.

Forgiveness: Forgiving is a way of letting go and by doing so you will let go of all the negativity. This will help you acquire a better control over emotions. Therefore, forgive and forget, live your life to the fullest.

Emotions are impetrative and help us build our personality and character, but make sure you are a master of your emotions.