What is Positivity?

Positivity is the experience of feel good emotions. Some common positive emotions are gratitude, joy, love, amusement, inspiration and awe. Positivity comes into our lives when we do certain activities. For example, some people like to take long walks, by doing which they become positive. Still some others listen to music and become positive. Positivity is a result of good thoughts or good circumstances. This means positivity can result from both internal and external stimuli. Internal stimuli to experience positivity are gratitude, joy, etc. External stimuli are obtaining inspiration by looking at someone or reading about someone. Sports people who want to lift their performance resort to external stimuli for the same.

Who is a Positive Person?

Some people harbor this perception that positivity is ingrained in a person. They say that either a person is born positive or he is not. This is not true. As indicated above, positivity is a result of internal or external stimuli. For example, some people feel good when they help others. Still some others feel good when they listen to good music. Some men experience positive emotions when they see a beautiful girl passing by on the road. Others experience positive thoughts when they are in the lap of nature.  A positive person is one who spreads love and kindness; takes responsibility for his or her own life; he forgives people; deals with his or her problems immediately without letting them linger; leads a well-rounded life; sees the positive side of all things that happens in his or her life; doesn’t let negative circumstances pull him or her down.


How can you Always be Positive?

It is well known that your thoughts influence your life. In other words, it is your thoughts, which make your life positive or negative. If you keep on thinking the same negative thoughts all through the day, then you are sure to become negative. This will also manifest in your actions. You can become positive by:

    Substituting your negative thoughts with positive ones

    Focus on what you want, ignore what you do not want

    Focus your mind on the things you have rather than crying for the things that are lacking in your life

    Create a picture of what you want in your mind and hold that picture always in front of your mind, when negative thoughts come in it

    Repeat positive affirmations to yourself all throughout the day

    Seek out the company of positive people

Advantages of Being Positive

    A positive mind is likely to attract positive events

    Great and harmonious relationships

    Better first impression

    Vibrant health

    Key of success

    No stress

    Problems become opportunities

    Boost of motivation


Positivity is an emotion that can move mountains. It can make you do things that you never dreamt of. It can make your thoughts a reality. Positivity is a life skill that is necessary for a person to be successful. All successful people are positive people.